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your thoughts on cannabis becoming legal in the US?

Posted on 06 June 2014 by admin

Query by : your thoughts on cannabis being legal in the US?
i personally consider it must be legalized in the United States since prisons are filling up with non violent men and women. the drug war is costing alot of tax money for a war that is a utter failure. some of the folks out there consider if cannabis ever gets legalized then the sky would fall, look at the states that have medical cannabis them states are perfectly fine. the reasons behind cannabis becoming illegal are fully outdated and science can proove that most of the reasons it was created illegal are false now. and everybody knows the entire death price of cannabis, in over 4000 years of cannabis being consumed yeah thats correct people have ever died from it.

so what do you think? legalize it or not? give a cause for your answer please
@ quizzard note how i mentioned consumed, ever heard of brownies? science does help the fact that eatng cannabis is no much more dangerous then a bag of potato chips

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Answer by Jesse
Must be illegal.

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10 Responses to “your thoughts on cannabis becoming legal in the US?”

  1. ingsoc1 says:

    I think all drugs should be decriminalized. You dont solve a health issue using punitive criminal measures

    The last 40 years should have taught us that

  2. crash.override says:

    It will never be legal. Know why?

    Answer: because you stoners are too lazy to organize and lobby our government to have the law changed. You would rather fire up the laptop along with your doobies and complain on the internet asking this question AT LEAST 100 times per day on this website…which does NOTHING to further your cause.

    You really think you are asking some profound thought-provoking question? Seriously, this question gets asked NUMEROUS times per day on this website in this category alone.

  3. Russ says:

    It should be legal – or make it a nuisance law with just a fine and costs.

  4. Quizzard says:

    Cannabis is illegal because the people, acting through their elected representatives, have decide to make it so. That is it, that is all. International drug control treaties REQUIRE governments to fight drug use and trafficking.

    It is nonsense to make a statement that ‘zero people’ have died from it. That same argument can be made for tobacco, because there is zero proof that any individual person has ever died specifically from tobacco use. Nevertheless, statistically we know that tobacco kills. No such studies have ever been done on cannabis, but for anyone to claim that taking the smoke of a burning plant into your lungs is safe is utter nonsense and NOT supported by science.

  5. ckngbbbls says:

    it should be legal; alcohol is.
    Weed is no different.
    As to it being a gateway drug, that depends entirely on the person, just like beer being a gateway drug to alcoholism.
    My husband was a raging alcoholic, in and out of treatment and eventually died of liver failure….His drink?
    And yet, many many people have that cold beer on a hot day. or a bottle of beer after work and never ever become an alcoholic.
    Ditto weed.
    You have no clue how many perfectly normal, uptight looking people smoke weed on a regular basis and it never effects them, just like normal people having a glass of wine or beer on a regular basis and it never effects them.
    The biggest problem with weed is that it IS illegal.
    It could be taxed, could provide another crop for farmers, would instantly dry up that “Columbian pipeline”, offer the medical benefits without all the hassle and trim down the court system.
    Look at the price folks are willing to pay for tobacco and that has NO redeeming qualities.
    At least weed has medical benefit.
    It could easily be regulated exactly like alcohol…No driving while high, no driving while toking, no buying when under 21. No new laws need apply, just add the word “weed” to the DUI laws.

    EDIT: Crash ov has a valid point but I can also see why weed smokers are reluctant to lobby harder and fight for legalization more. If you admit publicly you smoke and are for legalization, you just indicted yourself as doing something illegal.
    While it is true that some “stoners” are too laid back to get into the politics of it, not all weed smokers are that way at all. Like folks who drink too much, there are those who smoke too much.
    Don’t see anyone freaking out wanting to make booze illegal, AGAIN,(look how badly that turned out) and yet alcoholism runs rampant all over.

  6. right in the middle says:

    legalize it , look at the yahoo article on alcohol deaths in world , and how they want WHO to regulate it more we are going to get it on the ballot here in michigan , but the limited gov, repubs just cant stop imposing their beliefs upon the people ,just like obamas been doing with his philosophies enough is enough let people make their own choices whether its healthcare or religion

  7. Adam says:


    most people agree but the money hungry rich dont agree

  8. Mr. Smartypants says:

    It should be legal. The simplest way to explain is that laws against cannabis do more damage than the cannabis itself.

    A previous answerer said it’s no different from alcohol. But it is! Alcohol kills tens of thousands of people a year. Marijuana has never been implicated in a single death, as far as I know. We all know someone who has ruined his life, if not his liver, with alcohol. As many as 1 in 9 Americans can’t drink. But statistics show that 1/3 of Americans have smoked pot at one time or antoher in their lives, more than just the occasional ‘experiment’. So where are the millions of people who have ruined their lives with pot?

  9. Weyman says:

    Well the Government thinks there is something to it. They own US Pat. #6630507….cannabis for medical use because of the antioxidants and the neuroprotectants

  10. Julie S says:

    I don’t really see the point of keeping it illegal either. Logically, you’d think it’d be best to legalize it so it can be taxed. That would not only bring in a boatload of cash for the economy, but it would take some of the wind out of the sails of those horrible Mexican drug cartels.

    I suffer from horrible Sciatica and would love to try marijuana for it but never will as long as it’s against the law.


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