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Wtf happened 2 all the excellent incense/legal weed websites?

Posted on 21 August 2012 by admin

Query by : Wtf happened two all the very good incense/legal weed websites?
i employed to get my incense to smoke from but its shut down and so is all the other great sites that sell great low-cost herbal smoke. i usualy get brands like wtf and maui wowie but all i can uncover now is pricey crap! wtf is going on! its nevertheless legal! where is the low-cost great shht gone!

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Answer by StoneY
dude smoke the organic, idk you are using that stuff unless you have no money and you are some crack fiend

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One Response to “Wtf happened 2 all the excellent incense/legal weed websites?”

  1. Steve says:

    This is not an answer so much as a confirmation. It’s not just you or your ISP. As soon as I can find an answer I’ll provide it. No new fed bans to my knowledge. Anyone else having this issue?

    -Update- Definitely no new fed ban. Obammas recent signing put the last one into effect, but no new additions besides the analog clause (which is ineffective and truly only makes old substances and their analogs schedule 1). I do see a huge increase nationwide in Dea raids related to this and have a feeling in the next few days we’re going to find out more on this.


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