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Will weed ever be legal in the usa?

Posted on 19 February 2014 by admin

Question by : Will weed ever be legal in the usa?

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Answer by falsifiable
It already is. Have you ever been to California?

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3 Responses to “Will weed ever be legal in the usa?”

  1. no quater says:

    I hope not, cigarette smoke is obnoxious enough.

  2. red top says:

    we have enough killers that are legal,without adding more

  3. Appalachian Arbiter says:

    It will be in due time – There was a lot of propaganda that caused it’s prohibition, within the next 15 years we will probably see full RE-legalization.

    As a side note, cannabis in it’s thousands of years of medical/ recreational use there has not been one death as a result of it’s use, only deaths that have been caused are because of it’s prohibition.


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