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Will someone go to jail if they purchase a hybrid bud?

Posted on 26 October 2013 by admin

Question by idkwhototrust: Will somebody go to jail if they get a hybrid bud?
If you never know what that is, it really is a cross among a marijuana seed and a blueberry seed, making a hybrid. If a person had been to purchase it on the internet, will they go to jail? Are hybrid plants legal?
Serious answers only please.

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Answer by cowboydoc
Never ever heard of it, I think a person is pulling your leg. If it is a controlled substance then your going to get into problems, that is for positive.

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One Response to “Will someone go to jail if they purchase a hybrid bud?”

  1. CS says:

    Marijuana has never been successfully hybridized with another plant species. There’s a strain of marijuana called blueberry. Most likely, the hybrid you’re speaking of is the blueberry strain crossed with another strain, but still all marijuana. If not, then someone is trying to scam you into buying a supposedly legal “hybrid” that doesn’t exist. If a plant contains THC, it’s illegal.


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