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Why Smoking 'Skunk' Cannabis May Lead to Early Psychosis

Posted on 05 February 2014 by admin

Why Smoking 'Skunk' Cannabis May Lead to Early Psychosis
Skunk cannabis has become increasingly popular in recent years with a THC content of 16 percent compared to the 4 per cent found in lower-potency "hash-type" cannabis. Though news reports have raised concerns about the dangers associated with skunk …
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Daily Use Of 'Skunk Type' Pot Hastens First Psychotic Episode; Study Links
The finding that the authors found most striking pertained to the potency of cannabis. Patients who used a relatively strong, highly concentrated “skunk type” of cannabis on a daily basis had the earliest average age of onset of psychosis at 25.2 years …
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Young people who use 'skunk' cannabis daily 'have psychotic episodes earlier'
Those who smoked skunk cannabis – four times more powerful than hash, according to seizures by police in south east London cited in the study – were at the greatest risk, they said. Psychosis means a loss of reality and is associated with several …
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