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  1. Christian Burton says:

    great speech man

  2. Theo Hanson says:

    Could anyone tell me the name of the Youtube video that he showed at the
    beginning of his speach?

  3. Austiu7395 says:

    wait you don’t smoke 1/2 pound joints. whats wrong with you

  4. Luke Brady says:

    great speach!

  5. tannerbro49 says:

    Nice job man.

  6. Trinity Richter says:

    yes but, its illegal so people dont get high and start driving and possibly
    get them self in an accident.which in the end possibly leads to either
    severely injuring themselves. possibly death, or injuring/killing someone

  7. Chris Haye says:

    I almost died when he said “if we make their weed illegal we can stop the
    influx…guess that worked” LMAO cause it didnt 😀 lol

  8. Saul Ibarra says:


  9. fookutube89 says:

    someone who is not a novice smoker will get so “high” they will not be able
    to function .. they know not to drive .. but someone else whos been around
    the block unlike you could be able to function .. because being high is
    only relative to opposition of being low .. not being functioning and
    unfunctional progressively worse and alcohol enters the blood stream while
    you drive .. hence why its bad to drink and drive vs smoking weed or a
    ciggarette and driving ..

  10. zeropointemcs says:

    well done mate!spread the word,the revolt is growing.

  11. LEMINEMINEM says:

    great presetntation

  12. YouNoobers says:

    Since when was marijuana horrible? Cigarettes should be illegal consider
    they have more than 4,000 harmful chemicals. Did you know tobacco is with
    radio-active fertilizer? There’s absolutely no scientific evidence proving
    marijuana or more worse for you than alcohol or pain-killers for that
    matter. Please, shut the fuck up before you go on your little rant about
    how “horrible” marijuana is, and how it’s a selfish decision.

  13. fookutube89 says:

    u might be a pussy and a fag but i dont know that about you to make that
    call .. you sound more like a square who hasn’t lived much with a very
    elementary school way of looking at drugs through the scope of the d.a.r.e.
    program .. the amount of people killed by making a selfish deciscion
    happens with alcohol everyday … because alcohol actually slows down your
    heart and function and reaction time progressively .. weed on the other
    hand doesnt work in the same way and thats why u sound ignorant

  14. thegoodrussian15 says:

    We need more of this.

  15. jhartguitar says:

    great speech, you could’ve also shed some light on the uses of hemp/
    oil/paper/clothing, and how it takes much faster to grow then a tree :s

  16. fookutube89 says:

    DAMN .. passion .. hahah might I call it a burning passion 😎

  17. Jose Ortiz says:

    They are thinking of legalizing weed in my country

  18. ThatKidMTL23 says:

    15,000 pounds ? not 30,000 joints

  19. StopSpamming1 says:

    I was indoctrinated by propaganda and recently did a 180 on cannabis.
    I now consider hemp to be incredibly versatile and useful and the
    side-effect – if using a THC version – to be either healthy or pleasant or
    Since my interest and gathering of information was triggered by the
    legalisation of small quantities in Colorado, I hope this does the same for

  20. TEHCommon says:

    I fucking love you 

  21. 2011maverickschamps says:

    poisonous snakes, tiger bites, hurricanes, tornados, tsunami, disease,
    bateria, germs, are all nature, i guess ill try some of them out to see if
    theyll cure cancer, anyone else?

  22. Karo Kisa says:

    This is stupid. My mate smokes cannabis and is never calm. He always needs
    a join otherwise he goes mental whereas I who has never smoked anything am
    always calm. Let your body be as it is. Don’t take this satanic drug which
    poisons your mind makes you lazy and reluctant to anyone. I’ve seen what
    cannabis has done to my friends. Anyone who is considering it should thing
    twice. Let’s your body deal with itself. Don’t let anything mess with your
    emotions. Not alcohol, neither fags or cannabis. Be clean. 

  23. meatpockets00 says:

    cannabis has never caused a single death. it is superior food source of
    protein and EFA. it is superior fuel biodiesel that burns clean and
    renewable 4x a year. it is superior fiber that lasts longer than cotton. it
    is superior medicine that cures cancer and many other bodily ailments. it
    is impossible to get high off hemp. ask your government and politicians why
    its illegal to grow. hemp cars have been around since the 30’s, almost
    every part of the car could be replaced with hemp , we have to pay an
    environmental disposal fee (hazardous materials) to profit the people who
    are killing us and our planet. wake up and smell the suppression of
    progress. the government owns the patent on cannabis as a neuroprotectant,
    what to say to the deniers? “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

  24. Mert Üray says:

    If they dont want us to take cannabis, why are they putting it in so many
    Videos of Rapartists.. showing them taking it and all that stuff. Makes no
    sense to me. I think they want us to take this drug, so we dont fight
    against the NWO and all that stuff.. leave ur thoughts pls.

  25. White Mike says:
  26. NEOplus1chromosome says:

    “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere!” – George

  27. jayjay5396 says:

    thats a strange looking cannabis leaf, looks like a maple Leaf 

  28. 605Thurman says:

    Truly is a shame hemp is still illegal. Just goes to show you how much big
    business runs the country. 

  29. KIL3RP says:

    The day this amazing piece of nature is legalized for recreational use, is
    the day I can start believing the United States is a free country.

  30. sukhjeet grewal says:

    I totally love Cannabis man,

  31. vysero says:

    Wow, so many of you, in the comments section, talk about how distasteful
    you find the currently laws on marijuana… yet here’s what confused me.. I
    bet not a single one of you will take the time to oh i don’t know WRITE
    YOUR SENATOR!!!!! Seriously if half you would just copy paste what you
    wrote here into an email and sent it to your senators.. who knows. It may
    have more impact than posting comments here where no one is going to give
    two shits about what you say (except trolls like me) even if they do read
    it which they prob. wont. Just a thought.

  32. Orisitthesamenitemare14 says:

    It’s not the legality (or illegality) that bothers me. It’s the
    inconsistency in the laws. Alcohol is much, much more dangerous than
    marijuana. People say “well it makes you lazy. I knew this person who was
    really smart and good at blah blah blah”. Yes, but do we not know people
    who fucked up their lives using alcohol? But is that not their life, and
    their choice? If they don’t harm anyone else with their choices, I don’t
    care. But wait…nobody is going to hurt other people using marijuana. But
    every year thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers. Imagine a world
    where alcohol was illegal, and you saw headlines of drunk drivers killing
    people and saw hobos on the sidewalk begging for money that you know they
    are going to spend on booze. You would think that’s the most dangerous
    thing on the planet and should never be legalized. Then you try it and
    realize how pathetic and shitty some people are, but how most people are
    going to be fine. It should not be illegal for me to get high every other
    weekend and just watch a movie or play video games and relax. I am 23 and
    graduated from a great public school and now make $50000. Gtfo my nuts

  33. 8osiris says:

    Actually there is probably more than 25,000 different uses. But I do agree
    with the silver and cannabis solution. The trinity coin was fucking cool.

  34. Salt and lime life Pcbflausa says:

    i like this one …


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