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Why do so many teenagers smoke weed?

Posted on 15 January 2014 by admin

Question by licca: Why do so many teenagers smoke weed?
OK. So I am a freshmen in higher school and I am what you would call a great girl. I know as well numerous individuals that smoke weed! So why do teenagers do it? What do they see in it? When I was in middle college not long ago I would watch those above the influence commercials and feel to myself oh C’mon! There is no way that several teenagers smoke weed/pot! But know that I am in higher college and I met new folks I understand its correct! So please support me. Why?

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Answer by Geo
I know people who smoke weed due to the fact they are bored and want to experiment. A lot of teens do it due to the fact it makes them feel like adults, and occasionally provides them excitement that they actually want.

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13 Responses to “Why do so many teenagers smoke weed?”

  1. Jane* Narnia says:

    Peer pressure

  2. !!elllaaa!!! says:

    Yeah, I think you hear about it, but you don’t see it. A lot of them are lying.

  3. Rockstar says:

    you’re able to experiment in highschool.
    your new friends have a car, easier to lie to your parents.
    many reasons.
    they try it, either like it or don’t, keep doing it or not.
    they see the chance and decide to risk it or not.
    it’s teenagers. they want to learn hands on.

    i’ve done it all and learned, i’m done with it all.
    i’m about to graduate.

  4. Davey B says:

    it’s fun!

  5. Caitlin says:

    beCause they think thats its cool which is NOT

  6. KoOlaiDkid ♥ Johanna and Cassidy says:

    I dont smoke weed
    but they probably think it is a fun thing to do

  7. Nikki B says:

    To fit in.
    I smoked it in middle school because I was asked to do it,and I just wanted to try,I did it for a while then when I went to 8th grade I didn’t do it.Now I’m in highschool as well a freshmen,of course I don’t do it and I am surrounded by potheads but I mean all the kids who do it is basically to fit in and be “cool”

    smoking pot isn’t cool,but I can’t be all “people who do it’s aren’t cool! there lame!” because I once did it so yeah.But I can say the reason most enjoy it cause the feeling and letting go,it isn’t to bad but it’s a big ol waste of time and brain cells,why I quit.

  8. sandybiggs25 says:

    because they think it is cool and it gets off the pain i know people that do it

  9. Faith says:

    When I started it was because I was curious and it looked cool. Now I realize it’s extremely stupid but back then I didn’t. A lot of teens want to experiment. They don’t understand how much damage it causes to yourself and the people that love you. It’s tough to realize all of this if you have never been affected by it….

  10. Emma says:

    most people do it because their friends do it and they want to look cool and fit in, they just want to experiment and see the effect it has

  11. Turtle says:

    they are stupid

  12. Jj T says:

    its a way to risk getting in trouble….

  13. sℓh,. says:

    1. Everyone else does it, so to look cool I guess.
    2. It’s fun. It temporarily wipes away all of your problems. It makes meeting new people less akward, and blazing up together is a bonding experience between friends.
    3. It’s cheap and easy to get your hands on.
    4. It’s not dangerous. It’s illegal, but at the same time you won’t go to jail over it.
    5. Why not?


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