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Why are cigarettes legal if they trigger overall health problems? Marijuana is illegal, but it causes less wellness issues?

Posted on 09 November 2013 by admin

Query by fueledbygabriela: Why are cigarettes legal if they lead to well being issues? Marijuana is illegal, but it causes much less overall health difficulties?
Cigarettes causes way far more wellness difficulties that Marijuana does. So then, why is it legal as an alternative of Marijuana? Medical doctors are prescribing Marijuana for kids with ADD. C’mon, this is little 8 year old smoking pot. Any answers?

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Answer by Pasha V
Simply because marijuana is a mind altering substance where as tobacco is not. Stupid cause. I feel the legality need to be reversed.

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3 Responses to “Why are cigarettes legal if they trigger overall health problems? Marijuana is illegal, but it causes less wellness issues?”

  1. crazy 16 says:

    Because when people smoke marijuana they act a fool they do careless things and act before thinking. were cigarettes just give you nothing really. ALSO Their not good for our bodies but people sell it to make money they dont care if its bad for you as long as their making money why should they care about you your nothing but a peice of meat they rather have money then worry bout your health haha its a dog eat dog world out here but fuck it JUST SMOKE WEED AlL DAY EVERY DAY.! FUCK CIGARETTES

  2. calichristmas says:

    Are you a f*cking nut?
    Both cause cancer and kids should not smoke, I never heard of any kid with ADD smoking pot. Are you from California?
    Nobody should smoke anything. But cigarettes are legal, and people have a choice, pot is a drug. Tobacco is grown in the US for several hundred years.
    Pot causes major health problems. It f*cks up anyone who gets addicte to it, worser than tobacco. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

  3. shelly nurse says:

    First off the last post is AN IDIOT because there is no such word as WORSER!
    Secondly, The government makes money from cigarettes. They are highly taxed. Which is why they are not illegal. Cigarettes and alcohol are much worse for you than any illegal drug. But the government makes money from them. Alcohol is mood altering and it is still legal, so that throws that argument out the window.


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