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Which U.S. State Will Be Next To Legalize Marijuana?

Posted on 08 May 2014 by admin

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Which states are working on legislation to legalize or decriminalize marijuana? Marijuana Policy Project’s Dan Riffle and GovBeat’s Reid Wilson show us where…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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33 Responses to “Which U.S. State Will Be Next To Legalize Marijuana?”

  1. SharkDude1 says:

    Question: Why are people paying the Government Taxes on something that is
    Also Legal to grow in your own backyard for FREE?
    What am I missing here? 

  2. legion2k says:

    Only people bummed is the drug dealers. They are out of a job. 

  3. soldier4prophesy says:

    In other words, Tax it till it becomes attractive to some form of criminal

  4. Anon Doe says:

    85 Million on drug prevention? Collect millions off of the sale of drugs,
    and use most of it to prevent drug use? Hmm, sounds like a huge fucking
    waste. Do they have a moron managing their government tax fund? This is why
    governments shouldn’t get all this money, they can’t fucking manage it
    properly. They waste it on giving private contracts to their friends in the
    system. Fuck the dispensaries. By from your damned neighbors.Fuck the
    government. They fuck you.

  5. 61181Mitch says:

    Where in the constitution does it give the federal government the right to
    regulate nature? 

  6. Blazar says:

    So they are going to spend way more money on drug prevention than actual
    public health care of the people? wtf…?

  7. Nathan Callidor says:

    Here is a crazy idea!

    Why not hold a referendum, you know like democracies do.

  8. pealow says:

    Pretty sure the people buying weed for rec use from these stores are 99%
    out of towners!

  9. MOXNEWSd0tC0M says:
  10. Anon Doe says:

    Not a single fucking dollar spent on roads and infrastructure.

  11. tiphani mccormick says:


  12. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez says:

    85 million on drug prevention?
    Sound like that money is going to get pocketed.

  13. Kyle Thomas says:

    I live in Austin and unfortunately, Texas will be state 50 out of 50 to
    legalize. too many rednecks and bible thumpers.

  14. Dante Matterson says:

    It’s a plant and should be treated as a plant. It shouldn’t be made into
    some grand revenue pyramid scheme.

  15. Oscar Meyer says:

    Thanks to all the fucking dummies who begged for authorities to ‘tax the
    hell out of pot’. 

  16. Hoor V says:

    california needs the cash bad and they would make 50X what colorado makes
    in a year in taxes

  17. MrFuckyou3535 says:

    85 million wasted on drug prevention. Should go to public health. and fuck
    the law they don’t get shit

  18. thank*reason says:

    how the hell is pot not legal in CA already? I don’t get it….we had
    medical marijuana since 1996! NINETEEN NINETY SIX….and while there are a
    select few who use it for real medical purposes…the vast majority of
    patients are just twenty somethings who suffer from the terrible disease of
    personal responsibility and motivation lol. I think the government may as
    well legalize it because the way it is now…the government is basically
    allowing a system to thrive that they know is corrupt and disingenuous and
    a lot of times run by organized crime elements. Tax it like booze and leave
    people to there individual choices….and let the cops finally put an end
    to gangs and cartels. My two cents.

  19. Kitty Frisco says:

    I side with Blue America! I know that their is a huge difference between
    Red and Blue states not only on the demographic’s on how people think and
    vote in these states. But the Red states are more and more out of touch
    with the rest of the United States and we can not allow this disease and
    mentality to spread and infect the rest of us all. I just moved back to
    Texas from California and I know that California is whacked but Texas is
    pathetic with their Jim Crow Laws and old Southern traditions. And as a
    registered Voter I want for Texas to return back to a Blue State the way it
    should be and we should take back the Alamo from the republicans and defeat
    them everywhere and anywhere. It’s time for the State of Texas to wake up
    and stop letting these republicans delegate their rule as they see it. Down
    with the Tea party down with Ted Cruz! 

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    New York City. You can buy pot on craigslist here for Christ Sake, that’s
    how easy it is to get it here.

  21. The Sixor says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is, really. It’s easier for kids to get it
    when it’s illegal. Do you think drug dealers check for ID? No, you
    fucktards. I’m 17 and can get weed when ever I want. I don’t need any ID. I
    don’t need any medical cards. I just have piers who have it, and they
    probably got it from someone else of the same age group, until it all goes
    back to the people who grow it. People I get it from are usually younger
    than me. I can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol because (most) places you need
    to get them from actually check for ID.

  22. Barack Obama says:

    NO to legalization, YES to a capitalistic and healthy black market free of
    the Governments dirty little paws.

  23. MrGrilledcheeseits says:

    Wow, it’s amazing to watch the drug laws fail so hard.

  24. Jim Puls says:

    Just Legalize it to anyone 21 and overm Then let the Government do the
    finer things

  25. Aven Brauer says:

    Coastal America and the Upper Midwest are the center and heart of America

  26. mutalisk888 says:

    watch the $$$ drain from the neighboring states

  27. Bob Mowreader says:

    Idaho will never legalize pot or gay marriage,thank god

  28. Hog Florida says:

    Why do libtards always support taxation? Legalize it and DO NOT TAX. Holy
    fuck, you people are so un-American. I have no problem with pot. I have a
    problem with the government getting its grubby fucking hands in it just
    like liquor, guns, and everything else..

  29. Lou Montana says:

    I am all for legal weed and I respect anyone who wants to get high. I
    understand the projected possibilities of the money the state can make. Are
    we clear on that?
    You cannot imagine the number of homeless people and panhandlers that have
    invaded Pueblo Colorado. Get a fucking job to buy your weed. We don’t need
    you living in our allies and parks. We don’t need you stress our shelters
    and churches because you are to lazy to get a job. Get a job, function with
    in the community, pay your way, buy your own weed and stop bumming off

  30. David Hanson says:

    I really enjoy the nationwide groundswell for Cannabis legalization. But
    if all people do is go on YouTube and say yippee it is going to take
    forever. If your not registered to vote, do so. Contact your elected
    representatives and if their not on the legalization bandwagon, tell them
    they’re going to be unemployed. The right wing anti-legalization, law
    enforcement, big pharmaceutical, etc, etc people vote, if the folks who
    want this ridiculous prohibition to end don’t support it at the polls it
    isn’t going to happen. Be a responsible citizen who votes for legalized
    cannabis. The anti-legalization people count on us being to high to get
    off the couch and vote. Prove them wrong.

  31. Lupita Rios says:

    I just hope that the spreading legalization of marijuana doesn’t somehow
    fuck up this nation more that it already is 

  32. Brad Steeg says:

    Great. Now Marlboro will own all the pot plantations and Monsanto will own
    the engineered seeds. 

  33. Dayton Ohio NORML says:

    Complete decriminalization in ohio is months away. Also, Medical has got a
    real chance of making some progress this year in both the courts and the
    legislature. I think Ohio is a real likely candidate for legalization in


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