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Where to purchase legal buds without it showing up as legal bud or the concept of thats what it is on the credit card?

Posted on 14 September 2013 by admin

Query by caprisun155: Where to acquire legal buds with no it displaying up as legal bud or the thought of thats what it is on the credit card?
bill result in im buying it with my grandpa’s credit card i deposited a verify in his bank account and i want legal bud but i cant have it show up as legal buds .com or some thing like that so the order kind needs to be descreet and what is the very best product?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Ariel
Q: What will name show on my credit card? Will it say Legal

A: Your privacy is our leading concern! The charge will be from Global Life Enhancements, Inc. 100% Discreet, as is the shipping, which just comes from our PO Box.

this was taken from the legal bud site FAQ section, hyperlink below.

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