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Where To Buy Legal Weed – Greatest Legal Marijuana Deal Sites Online

Posted on 29 April 2014 by admin – Join our neighborhood of like-minded 420 enthusiasts and join the conversation! Legal marijuana is able to be purchased in 22 states in the…
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13 Responses to “Where To Buy Legal Weed – Greatest Legal Marijuana Deal Sites Online”

  1. Wendy Wyatt says:
  2. Blakefulable says:

    Man finally a state has woken up.. I’m from the UK and don’t smoke it (yet)
    but man I can see the good that comes from it. Better than alcohol any day
    of the week!!! Need the UK to legalize it! 

  3. kulyon says:

    I never thought about all the products that will be made with Marijuana
    that will be for sale as well as the buds themselves. and yes go buy land
    in Colorado to grow pot! Yay !!!! I know who is getting in a van and going
    for a drive.

  4. Silva Wolf says:

    @Tom johna
    Never blame mexicans, blacks, or natives for how “your” rapeland has turned
    out, white people were the barbarians of the world until a 1000years ago,
    so your racism is nonsense, and now that white people run the world, what
    has happened? Pollution, greed to the highest degree, and of course the
    devalue of culture and spiritualism. We are less divine and have turned
    more base, Because the white people still have that dark age sickness
    festering their souls, the plague was a small price to pay for being a sick
    people of incess, rape, barbarianism. And of course shitting and pissing
    everywhere probably didnt help.

  5. DeathsShadow505 says:

    0:00 Steven Ogg?

  6. 21speedionlude says:

    come on Tennessee lets bring some tax dollars in not give it to the cartel

  7. Jeff Tech says:

    Why buy it from a store when people can just grow it.

  8. jamespaul02 says:

    God made marijuana, its illegal that its illegal!

  9. Jimbob Jones says:

    The fat pigs in the new clips prove that your dick shrinks when you smoke
    pot. Wonder when the last time those pigs saw their teeny weenies.

  10. josè sèina boricua says:

    Yeah im going to laugh when your little “weed stores” are robbed and crime
    gets even more worse in colorado. Columbine, movie theather, school
    shootings! Does colorado ever learn??

  11. Ben Vicks says:

    Stay High Fellas.Order best quality medical marijuana strains from legit
    suppliers now at best rates. (630) 481-6698

  12. christine dela torre says:


  13. Tha Gr8 F.S.C. says:

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