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What’s the difference between weed and kush?

Posted on 24 June 2014 by admin

Question by Sam: What’s the difference between weed and kush?

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Answer by Kevin Ms
i don”t now

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5 Responses to “What’s the difference between weed and kush?”

  1. Candy says:

    Kush is weed…its just a blueberry…etc…hash on the other hand is different its still weed but made differently

  2. CalifaKush818 says:

    Kush IS weed!!

    Dam its time to school everyone on kush cuz the whole world is just on the kush banwaggon

    Ok this is what kush originaly was(in the streets of Cali)(its birthplace)

    In the 60’s – late 80’s we had “Stress”
    In the 90’s – early 00’s(maybe until 04) we had “Chronic”
    Now from 2003 or 04 – 2010 we discovered “Kush”

    And the only strain that named just Kush is the “OG”(meaning original) for “Original Kush”(because it was the first type of kush) from there its all strains like Bubba Kush, or Skywalker Kush, Luie XIII Kush, Blueberry Kush, they are all different strains of Kushes….. So people please stop thinking that kush is just one type of bud, ALL THE STRONGEST BUDS ARE USUALLY KUSH, Kush was originally a name given to descibe the class of weed, and kush ment of the highest class

    There is “Stress” wich is dirt weed, brown and usually hard, or seedy,
    There are different strains of stress, the only one i know the name of is Arizona Stress, but theres more, its just not usually worth naming, cuz its so low in potentcy

    There is “Chronic” wich is ok weed, not as potent as kush, usually gives a body high
    There are different strains of chronic, like (Haze, Trainwreck, Cheese, Sour Diesel etc.)

    Now “KUSH” is the next step, its the dankest, most potent type of weed, givea u a heavy high cuz its more potent
    There are different strains of kush, like (OG, BUBBA, Skywalker, Blueberry, Luie XIII, SFV OG)

    Originally if you called ur local bud dealer and wanted some weed you would either ask for stress($ 15 for 14 grams) or u ask for Chronic($ 10 a gram) or you could get some Kush($ 20 a gram)

    Now that all of these medical shops are open the name Kush gets tossed around like crazy, before if you called it “Kush” it ment it was the dankest, strongest bud out, now the shops use the name to lure people into getting their strain because they know the word “kush” brings the most sales, and since it was created by an illiegal industry then its ok to use the word how ever u want since its not owned or set to mean anything legally

    Things changed a lot due to the medical shops, they even started to name “chronic” strains “kush”(like “mendo kush”), when if u would try to do that as a dealer then u would have some mad clientel and maybe even get shot if it was a bad day.

    So now you know that Kush is the weed we have now a days, we had stress, we had chronic, now we have KUSH, beforw we didnt have different names for the strains we just called it Kush if it was strong…..its just that people started naming the buds now and now it gets confusing to some…. BUT KUSH IS WEED PERIOD. Just like Tequila os tequila no matter the name, well Kush is Kush no matter the name, u cant drink beer and think its tequila, just like u cant smoke chronic and think its kush, chronic is chronic, and beer is beer, tequila is tequila, and KUSH IS KUSH

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