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What’s The Deal With Synthetic Weed?

Posted on 26 June 2014 by admin

Synthetic weed. It’s legal, readily available, and sending dozens of people to the hospital. It may be responsible for three deaths. Annie Gaus tell us what’…
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21 Responses to “What’s The Deal With Synthetic Weed?”

  1. Greyz174 says:

    the first time i was high on anything was on legal weed. it was fucking
    horrific because i didn’t know how to deal with fucked up brain chemistry
    of any sort. i took one hit. by the time the blunt came back to me again i
    was laughing uncontrollably, and then blacked out because i didn’t remember
    throwing it on the ground and hitting my head on the fall

  2. MN Skater says:

    Why would somebody buy this? Just get some real bud. Just because this
    stuff is legal doesn’t mean it’s safer. Mother Nature will give you
    something better than a chemical company will.

  3. Reflex says:

    fun fact; synthetic weed was released by the us government to stop the
    production of normal marijuana and to make money. point being, we’ve been
    smoking weed for hundreds and hundreds of years, we’re not gonna stop
    anytime soon, why dont they legal it? legal it, tax the shit out of it, use
    the profits for space exploration :)

  4. Nathaniel Dube says:

    Probably a good idea to avoid this stuff.

  5. Fern Sinclair says:

    God that stuff is the absolute worst. I was smoking it for 3-4 months and
    it just feels like your brain is rotting. The high is like all the worst
    aspects of any other drug’s high. Paranoia, complete stupidity, disdain for
    other people. And then the come down sucks also. Gave my brain ticks that
    lasted months after I quit.

  6. spidaminida says:

    ‘Legal highs’ are the most dangerous drugs.

  7. Superman says:

    SOLUTION- Ban synthetic weed and decriminalize marujuana…. simple

  8. Andrew Zimmerman says:

    That nasty shit is a product of marijuana prohibition.

  9. forevergone5 says:

    tried k2 the real stuff is way better

  10. George C Williams says:

    Yeah it’s a misnomer, so correct your video title.

  11. Armory Kittington says:

    Smoked this shit once and have had a terrible headache for 4 years
    straight. Instantly. All day, every day. Still. Stay away from this. Also,
    anyone else going through the same thing, please message me.

  12. mrkillionairy7 says:

    its not fuckin weed! thats the deal with it lol

  13. bmsturgis3 says:

    fuck that. smoke the real shit. get rid of this.

  14. Daniel Polumbus says:

    I and at least 100 other people that I know have been smoking this stuff
    for longer than a year… Your first “trip” is always the worst but after
    that it’s just like weed. The problem is people are smoking it like weed.
    ONE Hit is all you need! I bet half of you didn’t assess you tolerance
    before you tried this stuff. Other than effects to my lungs(which any type
    of smoking does this) I nor anyone else I know has had any noticeable side
    effects. And people want to talk about synthetic stuff is bad… Stop
    eating fast food, stop eating any type of snacks or sodas, stop smoking
    cigarettes and e-cigs, stop taking medicine, stop driving cars (what do you
    think all that pollution is doing to us?) 

  15. bozy99 says:

    i dont see why people would chose to consume something that is lab made
    over something that just grows in the ground!

  16. crafted4521 says:

    Ok people I’ve done it for 2 months and I’ve also been off of it for 3
    weeks and u know wat at random times I will fell the withdraw effects and
    they r worser the the first time I done it so JUST DONT DO IT ITS NOT WORTH
    IT because I will be in school and it will start to kick in and u know wat
    I got to keep my head down my eyes close almost shut and mouth shut also
    until all the withdraw effects go away so yeah IM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN IT

  17. Ryan Schmidt says:

    I have a hard time believing people are almost dyeing off this product.
    Look deep inside your head and you’ll find it. The necessity of another
    individual to drive you is no longer, when your the best at doing it to
    yourself. Think about it, its not complicated. 

  18. Dirkardo StEvergreen says:

    It’s ridiculous that a naturally occurring and relatively safe drug that
    has been used for thousands of years is illegal leading to this sort of
    synthetic crap being sold (which by many accounts isn’t that great and is
    potentially dangerous). Not saying pot is a good thing – don’t do drugs
    kids, it’s not worth it – but if you really want to alter your
    consciousness then weed will do the trick nicely.

  19. maverlyjamaica says:

    IQ thing doesn’t mean much once u get older. Think about it. If you’re 40
    with an IQ of an 80 year old is that good? 

  20. Phillip Reeves says:

    I have a pretty good feeling no one in this comment section has ever smoked
    incense.. That shit aint your grandaddys weed, or any weed ive ever seen on
    the market.

  21. atom608 says:

    Dont fucking try this shit. I have anxiety sleeping problems and weed helps
    with it. It makes me confident and makes me sleep within 10 mins of going
    to bed also it helps me lose weight since im currently over weight. I tryed
    some synthetic shit today and holy shit it was the worst fucking experience
    in my life. after about 5 mins of it i felt a bit nervous then suddenly it
    fucking hit me like a train and i felt dizzy and wanted to pass out and
    about 20 mins later i got up and left to catch the bus and it was a miracle
    that on the way i did no get run over and once i was on the bus i was
    fucked zoned out i missed my stop and some girls that were sitting next to
    me were asking me stuff but i was too fucked to even know what they were
    saying. im writing this about 5 hours later and I still feel like shit but
    just not as bad. Honestly when you do it it feels like your not even in the
    real world and everything is spinning its horrible its nothing like being
    high on normal weed. Its fucking scary shit i felt like i was going to die
    my veins felt like they were going to explode and my legs were fucked and
    everyones voices faded out and all i could hear was background noise. 


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