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What is the truth about marijuana?

Posted on 25 April 2014 by admin

Question by : What is the truth about marijuana?
I have researched marijuana online and there is an equal amount of websites saying it is awful and others saying it’s ok. Obviously it’s a drug and can’t be that good for you, but honestly is it really that bad? I have used marijuana in my own life and haven’t seen any negative side effects yet. What is the truth about it and what myths are false?

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Answer by Sarah
marijuana is NEVER good for you. it kills brain cells as well it may have other effects on your body…..

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3 Responses to “What is the truth about marijuana?”

  1. Angela Claire says:

    Marijuana does more bad than good. There is also medical marijuana that is supposed to be good for you.

  2. Kat says:

    Marijuana does not cause brain cell damage. That information was taken from a biased study where Rhesus monkeys were tested during the 1970s due to a theory/report by Ronald Reagan. They had a gas mask placed over there face and were pumped with the equivalent of 30 Columbian strength joints a day in the space of five minutes with no access to oxygen. They began to die within 90 days due to brain damage caused by SUFFOCATION, not the marijuana. Dr. Heath, the conductor of the study, killed the monkeys and opened their brains to count the dead brain cells. He then took the control group, the monkeys that hadn’t smoked marijuana at all, killed them too, and dissected their brains. No properly conducted surveys after this one have given the same result. It took SIX YEARS of pestering and suing the government for the way the research was done to even come public. Obviously, they were trying to hide something. As stated, no proper studies have given the same result. The results from the Rhesus monkey research was government funded, but wasn’t done correctly or even that morally. It was used as a scare tactic, as was how being high could make you kill people (“Reefer Madness”, back in the 1930s?)

    Marijuana does not cause significant tar buildup in the lungs (much, much less than tobacco). The risk of tar buildup can be made pretty much nonexistent by using water pipes or vaporizers instead of rolling papers, blunt papers, and pipes. It is physically impossible to overdose; you would have to smoke around 1,500 pounds (some places say 150, but it is 1,500 – both are equally boggling, though) of marijuana in 15 minutes or less. No deaths have ever been reported from marijuana alone – not a personal death or accidental “homicidal” death. Usually, alcohol is involved in fatalities alongside the marijuana (car crashes mainly), but marijuana has never caused death. Tobacco, alcohol, aspirin, and even caffeine are more harmful to you than marijuana and causes more withdrawal symptoms. As far as is known, marijuana does not cause withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana is also not addictive, physically or psychologically, like other drugs (again, caffeine is more addictive than marijuana).

    Basically, all the side effects of marijuana are purely temporary, lasting during the high and no longer after that. The worst you may experience is gaining a couple pounds from the munchies. It became used for medical purposes because it treats more ailments than any other legal medical drug, treats them more effectively, and is less dangerous. They have legal medical drugs that are made from synthetic THC, but they are nowhere near as effective, nor are they as safe.

  3. α fıиe мešš says:

    and it help pain, and my depression.
    So i like it


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