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What is a marijuana vaporizer ?

Posted on 28 April 2012 by smokeandtoke6123

Locate your vaporizer : The Vape Community .This video describe how to use a vaporizer, and the health-related rewards of marijuana. More data on MCCFDIA Channe
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We vaporized some healthcare marijuana in the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. We like to smoke the bong far more, but this is a very ecconomical way to medicate. It is also more healthy simply because there is no burning or smoke. Thanks for viewing Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favourite. We are each Healthcare Marijuana individuals in the State of Colorado. Thank you for your compassion.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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44 comments on “What is a marijuana vaporizer ?

  1. MrKevin396 on said:

    I’m sure higher quality bud will give you a better and more intense high, but you can still get a great high with regs. And @knt1234561, yes, they get you very high, more of a head high though.

  2. ItsMobius on said:


  3. bmr21021975 on said:

    ripped off his tits at the end

  4. divinegrinder on said:

    The one thing that is not clear to me is he says there’s no difference in what quality marijuana you vaporize, it’s exactly the same just less vapor is produced with lower quality bud. Does that mean individual characteristics and traits of different strains wont make a difference?

  5. DallasJaros on said:

    NO! thats illegal

  6. RiggadonDan on said:

    The old man is stoned at the end

  7. knt1234561 on said:

    Do vapes get u high though?

  8. Alishia on said:

    It’s safer because smoking marijuana can cause bronchital asthma

  9. DCmania21 on said:

    when doesn’t the rating bar look like a joint on marijuana videos?

  10. e12sahimali on said:

    Medical Marijuana? hahah

  11. LockedandLow on said:

    What is the song at the start? would really like to no safe

  12. finaltable82 on said:

    Anyone know where I can score medical marijuana in Illinois?

    The reason they don’t legalize it is because it would destroy the beer business.

    Let it be known from a retired drinker.
    No more DUI’s or attorney costs. That’s why they don’t legalize it

  13. Guitaristron on said:

    ay thanks mate

  14. Grislythrone on said:

    i have a question, is this what your breathing in smoke? because i have a lung issue where my lung collapsed, and i cant smoke cigarettes and now i cant smoke weed like i used to, can i still smoke medical weed with this?

  15. balzout5150 on said:

    5:20+ he looks so stoned!!! lol

  16. Alex1710XVII on said:

    Because you still fuck with your bronchia when the hot smoke passes them.

  17. bottleofrandom on said:

    So with that logic, cigarettes do not cause cancer.

  18. comicdweebify on said:

    looks like u also have a condition called “Being a SmartaSS”

  19. TheMunster123 on said:

    blunts or joints guys?

  20. RemakeVidsBetter on said:

    He probably purposely messed up the line when he took the hit, so that they would make him redo it.

  21. mrtus420 on said:

    What is the title of the intro song? and who sang it?

  22. MercifiesProductions on said:

    why is it safer than smoking if smoking can’t give you cancer?

  23. devo5 on said:

    HUGE wart on his thumb

  24. caffeine1 on said:

    Not really. He said that weed doesn’t cause cancer, but the *burning process* is what causes the carcinogens. The “product” isn’t cancerous, but inhaling its combustion is.

  25. bottleofrandom on said:

    He opens by saying weed does not cause cancer.
    Later he refers to burning weed releasing carcinogens…

    Contradiction much?

  26. ow jo on said:

    when im dry i put my jar kief on my vaped weed

  27. Behemoth1337 on said:

    Must have been high as fuck lol

  28. sierrason40 on said:

    Good eye….even though I feel very clear, I do miss those smal details….very rare though..LOL

  29. eriatarka1983 on said:

    I have a Ba Duddha which is essentially the same thing. Love it.

  30. rmysterio80 on said:

    Why is this flagged?

  31. HittinTHC23 on said:

    everyone else ive seen has said they love the silver surfer.. wat u guys like better this or da buddha

  32. dirkamanda on said:

    haha i like how the thing popped up at 4:20

  33. rpburns7 on said:

    That’s a pretty odd thing to say.

  34. rspk25 on said:

    @fireinside1984 Can’t agree more, lol.

  35. rspk25 on said:

    @Aizura77 Silver surfer DEFFINATLY. Take my word, my friend owns an Arizer EQ and don’t get me wrong, not a bad vape, but it’s fan powered. With the ssv the heating element glass cover has a hole in it where it pulls in the air when you draw, heating the air and vaping your herbs. It’s essentially complete control of the bowl. The silver surfer is the best bang for your buck, have owned one for awhile now

  36. Aizura77 on said:

    this or Arizer Extreme Q?

  37. BrayDaze on said:

    definitely smoked a big fat bowl of that left over vape stuff. Highly dissapointing, barely any high and it has to be the worst tasting hit you could punish yourself with haha

  38. MrCariff on said:

    Shit I thought that dude on the right was sheldon.

  39. SparrowAnimations on said:

    Ballot Amendment 20 (54%)

    2 oz usable; 6 plants (3 mature, 3 immature)

  40. fireinside1984 on said:

    Odd odd fellows you are.

  41. Namenobodytakes on said:

    haha clearly they aren’t vapers!

  42. ShalloeThought on said:

    i think the word hes looking for is CRY ….

  43. Giants1000000 on said:

    Just a question where do you guys work?

  44. quachemo187 on said:

    that would never fucking happen end of story

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