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What If Cannabinoids in Cannabis Cured Cancer & Other Diseases?

Posted on 25 September 2013 by admin

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer explains how we are all born with a form of Cannabis already in our bodies, and when consumed, the Endocannabinoids inside us, …
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Cannabinoids and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Research Involving Cannabinoids — Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol induces apoptosis in human prostate PC-3 cells via a receptor-independent mec…
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23 Responses to “What If Cannabinoids in Cannabis Cured Cancer & Other Diseases?”

  1. TunedCavityLasers says:

    This is because most strains sold on the street come from plants specifically bread to have a high THC %. This is not a good thing, the more balanced with CBD tends to not cause undesirable effects, such as the ones you described. Im making oil for my grandfather who has cancer, with buds that are high in CBD which is the ‘medicine’ of the plant. Do some reading and get proper seeds to suit your purposes. High THC is not necessarily a good thing. Search ‘high CBD low THC’ .

  2. mastertheillusion says:


  3. Seth Essington says:

    For me it was either continue feeling paranoia on Marinol, switch to steroids, or smoke weed. I chose weed since IT DOESN’T CAUSE ME ROID RAGE AND I DON’T GROW MAN TITS.

  4. TheAntiFascist2010 says:

    well today weed won a very promising victory. I am sure your aware the Feds told Colorado and Washington that they aren’t going to pursue them with prosecutions. They laid down some ground rules but it looks to me that we all can work around them fairly easily.

  5. SelfDestructMr says:

    Yet most of the research is done there. Whats weird is that people hooked on prescribed oxycontin who actually want to lower their tolerance with illegally bought cannabis they commit a felony and risk jail.

    If one googles “Cannabis as an Adjunct to or Substitute for Opiates in the Treatment of Chronic Pain” one would find a publication of an interesting study.

  6. Cameron Cole says:

    I think this video could easily hurt “the cause” just as much as help it. I mean, if it could cure cancer, then that’s all the more reason for the powers that are to keep it from becoming legalized, considering they have a lot of their money tied up in medicine. Medicine designed to keep patients (short and long term), not heal them. Marijuana legalization is the least of our worries, imo. Passing any legalization law with our current federal government is not going to happen.

  7. billsarebullyesyes says:

    crazy world we live in. gmo- dangerous but widely sold. cannabis- good 4 u & the earth, but illegal…… hmmm…..go figure?

  8. AESir420 says:

    I refer to a slightly more obscure definition:
    Panacea – a particular plant believed to provide a cure-all.
    If you can find a better candidate on Earth to fit this definition than man’s best friend, cannabis, let me know.
    May reason prevail.

  9. yankee2yankee says:

    Human beings are CO-EVOLVED with Cannabis sp….

  10. yankee2yankee says:

    This video expresses the truth about perfectly. It reflects my own beliefs perfectly.

  11. yankee2yankee says:

    A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

  12. yankee2yankee says:

    that does sound like fun

  13. yankee2yankee says:

    You can pass out the link. YouTube will love you for it.

  14. yankee2yankee says:

    I’ve forgotten to factor in my tired, debilitated state, and before I know it, I’m wasted.” For a couple of hours I’m reeling, and very uncomfortable. Drinkers may drink to drunkenness, but tokers DON’T deliberately smoke to get wasted. It’s another factor that makes pot smoking safer… we DON’T “drink to drunkenness.” We are in better control than drinkers. Legalizing pot constitutes a REDUCTION in risks, all around.

  15. yankee2yankee says:

    I’m a dedicate pot-head, but I do believe one can do too much. I know I don’t just fall asleep if I smoke too much. Instead I enter a painfully reeling, disoriented state, which is very unpleasant. If everybody gets this effect from overdosing, I believe that most users avoid overdosing! As in my own case, it only happens by mistake, e.g. “I’ve had a hard day, I need a toke, so I suck down too many.

  16. snapsalot says:

    Title is “what if?”

    Pretty much everyone knows it does who has done even a small bit of research.

  17. artseecraftee says:

    wow i wish i had about 50 copies of this on disks to pass out to people who do not believe me or simply dont have a clue ..would i need to get permission to use this video to educate people about this?i dont know how to do it i would have to get help …..but i might could swing this maybe

  18. steven brown says:

    To all the anti-cannabis “Christians” out there–“The Lord hath created medicines out of the Earth and he that is wise shall not reject them”–Ecclesiasticus 38:4 (King James Bible-apocrypha) CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study done has confirmed that not only does cannabis oil treat the symptoms and alleviates pain, IT CURES CANCER!! Spread the word–THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!! PEACE!!

  19. blackend_white says:

    weed and bacon = time of my life

  20. kapiocosi says:

    If you are interested to buy MEDICAL MARIJUANA, contact me : Affordable price. Serious buyers only. Peace.

  21. AESir420 says:

    cannabis = panacea
    End cannabis prohibition worldwide NOW!

  22. Arock Duece says:

    Cannabis also helps you realize things! maybe they do not want people coming to their senses about wtf is going on around them all day

  23. mmjganja says:

    Interested of MEDICAL MARIJUANA ? Pains or recreational purpose ? Contact us : . Legit with proof. Serious buyers only. PEACE !


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