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What can dissolve jwh-018?

Posted on 04 May 2014 by admin

Question by christy: What can dissolve jwh-018?
I have been using acetone, which works quite well, but it leaves a strong scent that’s hard to go away. I also used isopropyl alcohol and vodka (both which leave it sitting at the bottom without dissolving). And frankly Im not a fan of inhaling acetone. Can someone please tell me if there is another not so toxic chemical that will COMPLETELY dissolve the chemical powder jwh-018?

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Answer by Travis C
The real question is what are you doing with the jwh-018 and what kind of garage chemistry is going on here? Most organic solvents will dissolve it. Vodka has too much water in it to completely dissolve it. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), mineral oils, or various vegetable oils may dissolve it. I would try the lightest oil you have around and see how it works.

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One Response to “What can dissolve jwh-018?”

  1. Brian says:

    Dissolve 250mg of JWH into 100mL of 190-proof Everclear. You must use 190 proof Everclear, which is available in my local liquor store down the street but may also be ordered online.

    The math holds, so if you have 1000mg (1 gram) of JWH, dissolve into 400mL of 190-proof Everclear. I have personally done this with half-and-half of JWH-018 and JWH-073, 500mg a piece into 400mL Everclear. I’d recommend pouring the Everclear into a clear wide-mouthed receptacle with a “mL” scale on the side, like one of those large Pyrex measuring cups or beakers.

    Most of the JWH will dissolve in the Everclear, except for a very small pile which will settle at the bottom. You will want to crush this up by using something like a wooden spoon or potato masher thrust down into the liquid and gently poking and scraping at the remnants of powder. Let the liquid resettle until you see more flakes at the bottom, and repeat poking and grinding. Let settle and repeat again and again, be patient, takes a bit of time but not too long and soooo worth it. Note that there is absolutely NO heating necessary, and it is quite stupid to be heating grain alcohol in your kitchen anyway. You do not need to heat anything, just use a little elbow grease to get your solution clear of any remaining flakes and granules.

    Eventually you have a perfectly dissolved JWH solution which can be stored in the freezer or fridge, in a liquor bottle or, even better, a white wine bottle with a screwcap (no cork!) works great. It will store indefinitely.

    With this solution, you are getting 2.5 milligrams of JWH per single milliliter of fluid.

    You need a way to measure and dose by the milliliter.

    Get a 3mL 22g syringe, I prefer with needle for precision but be careful with that needle waving around. You can buy these syringes in singles, ten packs, hundred packs online for cheap. I recommend a ten pack, costs about ten bucks.

    Now, when ready, pour just a tiny tiny bit of your JWH juice into a shallow wide glass or small bowl. Slurp up 2 milliters of the stuff into your syringe for a 5 milligram dose (good starting reference point, very average dose). Pour whatever is left in your staging glass back into your storage bottle with aid of a small funnel. Remember to wash that staging glass very very well with dish detergent later.

    Now you can inject the 2 milliliters in your syringe into your drinking vessel of choice, top with a small shot of pomegranate juice or other preferred cool beverage, knock it back….off you go.

    One could conceivably procure a fair amount of JWH now, make several batches of the solution described above, and store away in the freezer or other cool dark place for years, perhaps decades, deftly weathering inevitable prohibition by various and sundry rampaging government agencies. Cheers!


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