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what are the soon after effects of weed?

Posted on 04 May 2014 by admin

Query by misterjaydemn: what are the after effects of weed?
ok so i got higher for the very first time and it was fun and scary. We got higher at 6PM and when it was 11PM i nevertheless felt weird… when i woke up the next day i felt sort of weird. is this typical?

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Answer by MmmTango.
i smoke it every day. nothin incorrect here…your just not used to it. the far more typically you smoke the more of an intalerance u grow.

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2 Responses to “what are the soon after effects of weed?”

  1. adorkable says:

    could the weed been laced with something else? i dont think the affects are supposed to last that long on just reg weed. my niece smokes it daily and i dont believe her tolerance has gone up at all.

  2. Ishraq says:

    one of the long term effect is that it’ll advance ur impotency. if u don stop den ull lose ur sex drive sooner in life … sorry to hit the break to u bro


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