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What are the side effects of smoking weed?

Posted on 16 April 2014 by admin

Question by Tina: What are the side effects of smoking weed?
I’ve been smoking a lot lately, and ive noticed after i smoke a lot the next day i generally feel actually light headed and nautious, often i throw up. I was questioning if they were connected/ why this was taking place?

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Answer by paul.iz.da.bomb
effectively, weed has short term effects and long term effects.
the quick term effects would be getting high/ trippy and the extended term effects being light headedness or throwing up. Most of the time, it depends on how considerably you really smoke.

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4 Responses to “What are the side effects of smoking weed?”

  1. Al says:

    well ,, you could get busted , thrown in jail , lose your job . etc etc

  2. Sumanitu Taka says:

    Some of the common side effects of marijuana are:

    Trouble remembering things
    Altered time perception

    What are the common side effects of marijuana use?
    The following are some of the common side effects of using marijuana:

    * Trouble remembering things
    * Slowed reaction time
    * Difficulty concentrating
    * Sleepiness
    * Anxiety
    * Paranoia (feeling that people are “out to get you”)
    * Altered time perception
    * Red, bloodshot eyes

    Using marijuana for a long time makes some people lose interest in school, work, relationships and other activities. It may also cause legal problems. Using marijuana can be especially dangerous in certain situations, such as when you are driving, because your reaction time is slower. This make it more difficult to react to a dangerous situation, which could cause an accident.

  3. LZwags says:

    This is bull crap. My parents smoke weed and they live totally healthy normal lives. I don’t notice any side affects from weed. They can walk out of the house right after they’ve been smoking and no one notices because they are totally coherent and normal. They don’t have “blood-shot eyes” or anything like that. They have jobs and are great providers. They are nice, smart average people.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Suminatu, you left out munchies! (I have never smoked weed, and even I know that!)

    The other “side effects” you described are also caused by other things/illnesses, like depression.


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