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what are the consequences of acquiring a cannabis club card?

Posted on 25 January 2014 by admin

Question by Mordum: what are the consequences of acquiring a cannabis club card?
i was told if you get a club card, you won’t be capable to get a government job. I doubt i’ll ever want to perform for the postal service or anything like that but you by no means know. And if that is correct, is that the only consequence?

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Answer by Spunkmonk
None. Whoever told you that is ignorant of how it performs. First of all the “Dr’s” who give the cards are hardly legit. Secondly they do not give your data out. No one would know you have a card unless you told them. They never require considerably info to get a card either, and the areas that give you a card do not give out the info to anyone. You are on the system as a number, not by name and address. You have a license quantity connected with your information. I know a lot of individuals with government jobs and cards. They can’t locate you have a card unless you inform them. Quite cool and private.Even when cops raid dispensaries they do not use private information to begin busting buyers, at least not in SOCAL. They have larger fish to fry then you buying legal.
The only consequence is you get better quality weed for better prices and don’t have to worry as long as you stick to the guidelines. I pay 30 an 8th for some of the ideal about. Cannot get offers like that from street dealers. Attempt MediMar. They give a card to anybody. No real inquiries asked. It is a joke in CALI. Any person can get a card..Anybody!

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2 Responses to “what are the consequences of acquiring a cannabis club card?”

  1. Joeseph Doakes says:

    None of that is true.

    And we can be friends! That’s a good consequence!

  2. Mike Deller says:

    A friend of mine just got a fed job working for the forest service I hope getting a card won’t screw things up…. I wish there were more facts on this matter…..


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