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what are the bad effects of marijuana?

Posted on 12 June 2014 by admin

Question by Robin: what are the negative effects of marijuana?
all i know is that its a gateway drug and that it make you really hungry. but no matter who i ask, they never give me a very good answer. ive never ever tried it. i dont want to try it because my mom would be disapointed and i would just really feel guilty. so please dont lecture me about how drugs are negative and i ought to by no means do them. i just want to know, what are the extended term and brief term effects?

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Answer by Grace
Long term: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary illness). It ruins your lungs. Numerous who smoke it say this isn’t accurate, but my medical doctor told me how toxic it is to lungs and I told my dad who didn’t quit and now he has COPD and emphysema.

Short term: some folks have paranoia or do factors they typically wouldn’t due to the fact their judgement is temporarily impaired.

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7 Responses to “what are the bad effects of marijuana?”

  1. Bobby Pp says:

    My friend became very paranoid..And i swear he became stupid. His memory was shitty as well.

    These are only the things ive observed.. I dont know the official side effects, i just know this has happened to my friend and some of these have happened to other friends i know who do weed. Personally i dont care who does what, but i would suggest not doing it chronically(haha) Maybe very occasionally if you really want to do it.

    I think chronic drug and alch use is for weak people. Its just the easy way out, you can deal with your problems or become numb to them with drugs. You dont grow or learn if you just take a drug every time you have a problem.. We all have our demons, some more than others, but i dont like taking the easy way out.

  2. Diana_Banana says:

    I actually like it cuz wen I have anxiety it relaxes me. Also wen u cant sleep, its a natural remedy for sleep hehe. But I dnt really think it has bad side effects.. Its natural. Lol

  3. Tony says:

    well like any other smoke, its bad for your lungs and will eventually catch up to you in the LONG run. but short term would be bad memory, lower sperm count. costs money to buy food you will be dying for. haha

  4. »Cyndi« says:

    Obv. It’s bad for your lungs, any smoke is.
    It kills brain cells.
    While you’re high you do things you most likely wouldn’t.
    It’s not a fucking gateway drug. god. That’s pure bull shit.
    I know friends who smoke weed till this day, and they tell me they would never try anything harder.

    I guess since it kills brain cells it may make you just a tad dumber, slow, and your memory might be just slightly worse. But that’s really not likely..

    Weed hardly does anything to you that’s why so many people smoke it. It’s definitely not addictive, and it’s proven that it’s way healthier for you to smoke weed then smoke cigs.

  5. Lea says:

    Also, not many people know this..but it effects your kids in your body. For men it effects sperm for 24 hours. women.. damaged eggs for life..

  6. lilly says:

    Depends on who you ask. There are so many biased studies out there, its really an issue where you have to read the opposing opinions and decide for yourself which side you believe.

    Bad effects…
    Smoke of any kind is bad.

    Thats about it. Marijuana doesnt kill brain cells, smoke kills brain cells. Marijuana doesnt cause cancer, smoke causes cancer. So people, just stop smoking. Learn how to cook or use a vaporizer.

    I disagree with the gateway drug theories. If for no other reason, simply because they abuse the scientific method and the purpose of a correlation. In reality, I disagree with it because in order to prove a chemical gateway to drug abuse, you would have to prove a connection between hard drug use and the very first chemical high the person ever had, which would have been with sugar and caffeine as a toddler.I bet EVERY SINGLE hard core drug addict has had caffeine and sugar. Oops, caffeine and sugar must be gateway drugs too. That, by the way, is exactly how marijuana was labeled a gateway drug.

  7. FREE says:


    ◘ Smoking marijuana can increase your heart rate
    ◘ When people smoke marijuana, they tend to hold it in their lungs longer than a person smoking a cigarette would. It is because of this reason that it is believed that smoking weed can be more harmful to your lungs than cigarettes. Your lungs are more likely to become irritated by the smoke.
    ◘ It can alter a person’s sense of time as well as cause panic attacks in people.


    ◘ Lung Cancer
    ◘ Emphysema
    ◘ Heart Disease
    “Burnout” This is a condition that can occur when a person smokes marijuana in high doses over a long period of time. This causes their responses to slow down considerably and also become sluggish in their normal day to day life.
    ◘ Short term memory loss
    ◘ Possible withdrawal symptoms. Contrary to what many people who smoke pot think, it is addictive and there can be withdrawal symptoms just as there would be with alcohol or other type substance.


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