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What are some legal herbs that I could smoke?

Posted on 22 May 2014 by admin

Question by Ted: What are some legal herbs that I could smoke?
I want to attempt Damiana but is it legal? If i take a drug test would it show up?

Could anyone recommend any other herbs?


Greatest answer:

Answer by Judochop
herbal incense it is synthetic marijuana and it is totally legal and safe

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2 Responses to “What are some legal herbs that I could smoke?”

  1. ray says:

    most herbs do little for you. mostly you get dizzy because you’re breathing a lot of smoke. people smoke nutmeg, scotch broom flowers, lion’s tail plant,and syrian rue.

    check if they are legal before you smoke them. breaking the law is very double plus bad!

  2. K M says:

    Damiana is legal and wont show on a drug test but hardly worth it. Synthetic marijuana/spice is legal but not considered safe for they use research chemicals where some people report increased heart rate, paranoia and long term use can lead to psychosis. Also lotus flowers, Coleus and mugwort are psychoactive and legal as well.


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