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weed, cannibis, marijuana?

Posted on 22 June 2014 by admin

Query by silent one: weed, cannibis, marijuana?
i dont do drugs so not truly up with all the slang, so ive a handful of q’s to ask.
when men and women smoke weed, is it cannibis or marijuana?
teenth, sixteenth of a gram yeah?
any other words i must know please add:D
research for college….

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Answer by Lyd C
Cannibus is the far more scientific name for the pot plant, aka marijuana. Most folks just place nevertheless considerably fits in whatever they are smoking it from I think…to get an idea go to the neighborhood smoke shop or conveniece shop and ask to see smoke papers.


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2 Responses to “weed, cannibis, marijuana?”

  1. ridingonthewind says:

    cannabis and marijuana same thing though you can get cannabis resin that’s the hard brown stuff.
    pot skunk ganja smoke are other words
    yeah you buy a eighth, a quarter, half ounce ounce etc

  2. DeeperThought420 says:

    other names i heard is dank, chronic, reefer, puff the magic dragon, dope, schwaz, purple, white widow, skunk, northern lights, weedskie


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