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wat are the side effects of taking weed??

Posted on 01 April 2014 by admin

Query by Huge: wat are the side effects of taking weed??
is it a drug??

Best answer:

Answer by Bud Ugly
Spellin items lack wat.

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3 Responses to “wat are the side effects of taking weed??”

  1. L T says:

    spelling problems

  2. Super G says:

    craving capn crunch and reeses pieces. feeling relaxed. possible paranoia flashes.

    yes it’s a drug, but it’s not a narcotic. why it’s illegal is a mystery to most folks.

  3. Sbebe says:

    Your taking it? Not smoking it? Whats up? The munchies and maybe a little paranoid feeling, also maybe a little tired when you come down. Nothing bad.
    Yes, it is considered a drug. In my opinion not as bad as alcohol. Enjoy.


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