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Top 20 Winning Flowers at the 2012 Emerald Cup

Posted on 23 March 2014 by admin

Top 20 Winning Flowers at the 2012 Emerald Cup – News Jan 18, 2013 Watch the Emerald Cup mini-documentary to learn more about the event: For …

10 Strongest Strains Of Weed Grown in secret CIA labs and by Harvard Professors, these are the 10 strongest strains of weed on the planet. Music = Ska Skat b…
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42 Responses to “Top 20 Winning Flowers at the 2012 Emerald Cup”

  1. stewartinchina says:

    The fact that these are all outdoor organic makes those percentages all the
    more impressive. Those girl scouts should have been number 1 I think. But
    then again I didn’t smoke those particular ones.

  2. Robert Curren says:

    Girl scout cookies hands down

  3. Firstname Lastname says:

    i want some of that girl scout cookies 

  4. Paul ruvalcaba says:

    Girl scout cookiees best so far

  5. SirBlaze101 says:

    For all you people saying thc blah blah this is true cannabis outdoor
    organic! no chemicals and it has terpenes that indoor bud don’t have so it
    smells and taste better!

  6. yee209e says:

    I have that exact og chemdawg cut

  7. PathHits says:

    28% thc on that beautiful OG Chemdawg!!!! I promise myself I will try some
    of that one day 

  8. julianxodbz3 says:

    No I don’t even know whats that. Maybe something like hash? I only smoke
    weed and hash

  9. Aard Vark says:


  10. Frank Q says:

    girl scout cookies killin all of em

  11. sitfb says:

    this song was annoying as fuck totally killed my mood…. such a drag

  12. brahms209 says:

    got those all day. come to the valley

  13. nodogyougay48 says:

    you forgot pineapple..

  14. BombDank805 says:

    not much buds with a high cbd percentage

  15. LoveMyMedicine says:

    Haha nice yea if you can get pretty good weed there you should look into
    making your own bho (butane hash oil) very nice and not a hard process
    maybe 200 bucks in set up equipment to do it right many videos on youtube
    about it

  16. Critastic says:


  17. zshaw369 says:

    right i have 3 different phenos of blue dream going right now its good but
    way to much hype there is alot better out there i like chemdog but its
    another strain with way to much hype if i had a nickel for every fucking
    chemdog story ( no bro i no the dude who knows the guy who was at a dead
    show bla bla) good erb if grown correct i guess thats with most strains but
    give me a landrace old school sativa thats where im happy shit you can
    breed with not all this over hyped seedbank shit

  18. LoveMyMedicine says:

    Yea is hash just a different extraction method than what you’ve smoked
    you’ve probably smoked water hash or bubble hash a lot of people call it
    its darker in color due to a bit of plant matter still there from what I
    understand from what I’ve read if you purge all the butane out(which can be
    tested to make sure its all out) its the cleanest highest dose of thc you
    can get

  19. jahpowerz says:

    thc all on my buds thc all on my leaf thc all on my hairs nigga dont
    believe me just watch

  20. joel m says:

    ever heard of ak-47 and OG-kush and Dutch purple haze they sould have been

  21. Bernadette Lilly says:


  22. JunksBv says:

    Never heard of Northern Lights? Can go up to 39%

    (I’m from Holland I should know)

  23. DrRocksoDoesCOCAINe says:

    A lot of people like smoking wax… I stay away from that shit. If I want a
    more potent high just get some hashish. 

  24. xDIVINEMIND831x says:

    Pure dabs now lol

  25. ivonetics says:

    Skywalker and Train Wreck are the best I ever had. Pineapple Express just
    taste good but it isn’t that powerful. Jack Harrera is very good too. Nice
    video! Subscribed!

  26. Helga Dykeface says:

    yay im growing 12 banana og at my home in cali you should start so fun abd
    rewarding but be careful trust no one and DR LESTER GRINSPOON researched it
    after his terminally ill son used it to fight cancer, i hope you meant
    DOCTORS IN THE sTRUGGLE OF us most criticcally ill thank u good luck stay

  27. Ghulame Ali says:

    They are not stupid burroe. Most of the smokers know that even 25 % is rare
    n take some sweat to achieve it u foocking goin 39 % what the hell u smokin

  28. Dafoodmaster says:

    Dutch Northern Lights has been known to go to 35%
    Also, the best Ice-o-lator hash can get up to 60% and hash oil up to 90%.

  29. Kalan Hart says:

    Same song as in the other weed vid :D

  30. wumbology says:

    if you look at the stats for the video it has 420 shares, coincidence? I
    think so!

  31. Mary Lowrey says:

    This makes me miss smoking weed.

  32. Dante Leevond says:

    whosajigaya shut the fuck up

  33. bigant jr says:

    Purple Kush?

  34. Jose Lopez says:

    Wheres the pineapple express at

  35. Matt Waltons says:

    Fuck weed!

  36. ThisistheKingof69 says:

    No plant may ever deliver over 25 % THC lvl

  37. Kyle says:

    smokin on some king tut 32% tested 

  38. Travis Latner says:

    None of these are the highest in the world there is cannabis in oregon
    thats up to 40% THC not necessarily widely available, but its there. 

  39. DOWN200TOWNTV says:

    new York sour diesel FTW 

  40. stephan hancock says:

    I know of a stronger than all those strains. Australia grows the strongest
    at 40% THC. Some are now claiming to have 45%. Something to look into

  41. Alan Ahern says:

    love to get some of that shit but im happy with cheese yum

  42. punkdude1994 says:

    Doesnt matter what the strain is, as long as i have some xD


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