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This is why you do not smoke K2 Gentlemen

Posted on 09 September 2013 by admin

This is a video of Cam smoking K2 a legal substance that can be purchased at any tobacco shop, its other sensible recognized as spice a synthetic cannabiniod activator,…
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21 Responses to “This is why you do not smoke K2 Gentlemen”

  1. carlos gee says:

    i smoked shit yesterday,high as fuck at work i was tripping in my mind but i could handle it,not for kids tho im 18

  2. angie7488 says:

    And i know you are not telling me to do research! That shit is not for human consumption but then again hes smoking it!!! Ok you’re so cool nowww

  3. angie7488 says:

    I know its totally different dip shit!! My opinion is that its all in the same category…my opinion is my other words i would never try some shit thats going to make me go crazy like that near death …so i say might as well smoke some fucking crack..they got balls to smoke that bull shit why not try sticking a needle in your fucking vein..its all stupidity !!! Stick with maryjane!!! Please have a seat and calm the fuck down.. Every one as u can see has an OPINION

  4. jshhrtwg says:

    i dont know of anyone, and the only people who die are the ones that throw up while unconscious and choke on their vomit

  5. jshhrtwg says:

    keep smoking spice then

  6. jshhrtwg says:

    crack and acid are entirely different things, do some research

  7. jshhrtwg says:

    you are so ignorant

  8. jshhrtwg says:


  9. jshhrtwg says:

    that has nothing to do with anything lol. Jesus is Lord….lord lord lord

  10. jshhrtwg says:

    if you watch the video i show you spice and weed, cam was only smoking spice because of drug tests we didnt force him to do anything he choose to buy it himself and smoke it, I would rather him smoke the weeds i had of course but its his family that resorts him to doing k2 and spice back then

  11. jshhrtwg says:

    dont judge someone else, you were not in the situation, we didnt know he was gonna seizure and also this video is edited by me for time, sometimes hes normal and then 10 minutes later all his muscles would spasm and then throw up that was toward the end, the reason i put the video up is so people now this could happen at the start of the video we didnt know, but this is around four years ago this stuff isnt in my state anymore. the kid is fine now no reason he needed a hospital dont be a pussy

  12. Rover Maclachlan says:

    youre going to rely on the DEA for facts? youre a tool.

  13. MrRoscopatterson says:

    I’m sorry to break it to you but you have been terribly misinformed. The ORIGINAL K-2 contained jwh-018, jwh-073, and cannabahexanol. Am-2201 is the second generation, K-2 had a line of second generation. Guess what was in it? Am-2201. Know what else? K-2 was not the first, spice was. There are also TONS of other blends that uses JUST jwh-018. And there are no pesticides on ANY of them, if there were they still would not have any psychological effect. You really need to educate yourself.

  14. Sniperyeti says:

    This guy is exaggerating to the max…

  15. 123courage says:

    Lmao they also reported marijuana had no medical benefits dumbass, now they’re giving it to children to stop seizures. don’t believe anything this government tells u.

  16. Scott Schaffer says:

    Jshhrtag – do you know anyone that’s had long term effects from spice?

  17. Scott Schaffer says:

    Jshhrtag – do you know anyone that’s had long term effects from spice?

  18. Dametta13beararms says:

    This stuff is a federal plot to kill stoners! 

  19. Dametta13beararms says:

    Why would you let this poor DumbAss smoke that synthetic shit and why would you make fun of his suffering instead of taking him to the hospital you jerks??

  20. jahbymeside foriverandiver says:

    this is not weed right? i mean regular weed

  21. Kyle Embry says:

    Get him milk and a warm shower


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