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The shocking effects of synthetic marijuana

Posted on 05 April 2013 by admin

The shocking effects of synthetic marijuana

This is the story of Emily,16 teenage girl who is now brain broken and blind soon after smoking synthetic marijuana aka ‘potpourri’. Her loved ones is now with her a…
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My blog: You ought to not use spice AKA legal weed AKA legal bud. It really is a poisonous and very harmful substance th…

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49 Responses to “The shocking effects of synthetic marijuana”

  1. Jesse Roberts says:

    this vids bull shit ive smoked this shit for almoste 8 years and im just fine

  2. cincofone says:

    How does this compare to alcohol?

  3. popiews1 says:

    This is just one of the effects that happen because of the governments war on pot.If real pot were legal………people would not use this fake stuff!

  4. JustinP says:

    what a dumbass, get real weed…

  5. robertsummers74 says:

    aww, hope she gets better soon

  6. russionlegion says:

    Ohhhhhh youre a doctor eh? Alright well you can fax me your credentials, in the mean time your imaginary doctorate from ITT tech will due.

  7. TehAfflixions says:

    @anahowana There hasn’t been one single death from natural marijuana and is used and prescribed as medicine to thousands maybe millions.

  8. sergio carreon says:

    My friend had a fainted from klimax all she could do is move her eyes and toes ,I thought she was going to die .

  9. Alex Gross says:

    They showed a picture o her at 17 with pink hair saying this was before she did drugs. No ones pink haired daughter is off the drugs lol this girl was smoking real pot for years =P dumb parents

  10. henry kuku says:

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  11. CabalaCicero says:

    Her parents are totally responsibe for this. Creating a tomato from an edgy 17 years-old.

  12. joshua pry says:

    I hope your daughter gets better soon.god bless your family.I think marijana should be legal.

  13. onestunn says:

    Tht is a sad story.. iv been smokin fake for years! I mean not a little bit alottt. who knows wht happin to her. i smoke every day So far im ok i go to the gym an eat right an so far im a healthy dude.

  14. Waycaster2 says:

    I used to do that shit until i was at the hospital and a kid was there because his heart almost exploded. Being the dumb teen i am i was like oh that wont happen to me. Then one time i was snoking it my heart was beating rediculously fast and i felt the effects of it for weeks. not good for you, if you’re gonna ruin your life with drugs. smoke weed

  15. blake hamrick says:


  16. PurpleMedication says:

    you are so false .

  17. Georgi Dimitrov says:

    Still, it’s better than that synthetic stuff. At least it’s natural.

  18. anahowana says:

    wow!! Marijuana ONLY affects the cardiovascular system! what a relief! the cardiovascular system can cause strokes which lead to brain damage. you can imagine the rest! smart Doc!

  19. orgasmoman69 says:

    i think what happend to her was just an average rare case that they could not explain. She just so happend to have been smoking fake marijuana be4 it happend and it gave the doctors something to blame it on

  20. Eli Ha says:

    that’s what happens when you try making a fake out of something as pure as the plant of the gods , no shit like this ever happens if u just stick to yo weed 😀 peace

  21. jazmin santana says:

    your fucken stupid yo

  22. Lawrence Webb says:

    chemical warfare via the dea

  23. john beach says:

    since your a doctor then you should know that if it affects the cardiovascular system it can cause strokes. and strokes are brain damage. and brain damage can lead to partial paralysis. i dont doubt this story is true. i even read about it on yahoo news when it first happened. i hope i never need to be treated by you. keep your doctoring far away from me.

  24. leatherface1114 says:


  25. Carl Hendershot says:

    Simply put.. Strain manipulation and the health of your mental state may play a role in your reaction.. When it comes to the fake bullshit you are entering another level of hurt/stupidity.

  26. Carl Hendershot says:

    Not to mention most kids will do anything for attention and to fit in nowadays. Unfortunate this is the wrong way.

  27. ronald lawver says:

    maannn, you hit it right on the spot, could you answer something for me? i have had major memory loss from a over dose, and started screaming cause it felt like something took over me, and i had voices telling me i was going to die(thought it was god) the next day i couldnt remember anyone or anything. that was 4 weeks ago. i still dont remeber math really, but people i do. could you tell me how i can get over or cope with having the feeling of impending doom, its really bothering me lately.

  28. Billy Benz says:

    This guy is AWESOME. He explained EXACTLY how I felt about my experience with a product called MR HAPPY. A friend LIED to me, and said it was k2. Well, I smoked k2 years ago and it was just a slightly mellow high.. I took ONE HIT held it in, and blew it out and hardly knew my fucking name or what I was doing.. extreme, rapid heartbeat and confusion, dilusion, fucking terrible! NEAR DEATH, weed should be legal in 50 states.. this shit is VERY HARMFUL and DESTROYS PPL. Good luck!

  29. Billy Benz says:

    This guy is AWESOME. He explained EXACTLY how I felt about my experience with a product called MR HAPPY. A friend LIED to me, and said it was k2. Well, I smoked k2 years ago and it was just a slightly mellow high.. I took ONE HIT held it in, and blew it out and hardly knew my fucking name or what I was doing.. extreme, rapid heartbeat and confusion, dilusion, fucking terrible! NEAR DEATH, lets get MARY JANE legal in 50 states.. this shit is VERY HARMFUL and DESTROYS PPL. Good luck!

  30. QUAdS12A30KILLEN96 says:

    This shit has chemicals…look it up,i was going to smoke it until i found out it causes death in some cases

  31. Dee Kay says:

    Hey im with you man same shit happend to me but from what you are saying you smoked spice on your own self desire to experiment. I was at my weed mans house and I walked all the way across town just to get a sack. well he said he didnt have anymore left but he would pack the one hitter cigarette thing with some dro that he had for personal. I was like okay and i trusted him because he was good to me every other time. I hit one good hit like it was weed but then I was like wait…….

  32. Dale Sowder says:


  33. pootfan says:

    Fuck that stupid shit fake ass marijuana go back to the real shit nigga!!!!

  34. shawn sprague says:

    i know waht your saying shit is fucked smoked like a champ 4 6 months then one day i swear i talked to god tremors seziure help eyes shuttering cant walk fu#@ i am dyeing !havent felt right to the day
    thank god i live in washington state weeed weeed weeed

  35. MEpianist says:

    Agreed, it’s simply poison.

  36. SatyriconDivina says:

    You do realize that dissociation and anxiety disorders can occur with safe marijuana strains? That it is a psychological reaction to unconscious trauma or unmanageable levels of stress?

  37. SevenDaySunset says:

    screw that yea i agree it does affect everyone different, i smoked a bowl not realizing i should’ve taken 2 hits, my trip was similar to yours, i lost my perception of reality and there was black closing on me, everything happened like 300 times. 2 minutes outside my house lasted 3 days and i thought i was stuck in time. it’s a bit traumatizing i feel like i can’t get high or else that will happen to me again dangerous shit

  38. GlassesTinted says:

    This is the real “Shaggy” from scooby-doo

  39. jack charge says:

    fuck you no some massive words and yeh dont smoke ittt , i had a mini heart attack off it , its lethal , and in the uk its banned now but they keep making new brands of it and still selling it in little 4inch packets its sick fulll stop…

  40. filipurb says:

    haha welcome u smoked a part where the spray went insane spraing the posion as all ppl experienced this. fuck thisthere are drugs, and there is nature and dont tell me weed is poison!

  41. filipurb says:

    and yeah it was very close to death physicaly as well with like 250 heartbeat haha peace out

  42. filipurb says:

    hahah thats true, but year ago i smoked 1 bong of this poland synth,and I had so hardcore hallucinations that i never used any synth anymore…

  43. TheRealBubfield405 says:

    I remember trying this shit. It was fucking terrible. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than 5 seconds because things would start to get extremely dizzy if I did. The high is hardly like Marijuana at all. It’s much more potent and hallucinogenic. Not to mention I only took TWO normal hits, and it already fucked me up.

  44. H2Raby says:

    LMAO! Tell me about this 3rd person dissociation & feeling of derealization, I’ve been feeling it for years after all the dope. This spiritual connection chatter is bullshit! It’s all poison. The ONLY reason we look into this with such zeal & perserverance is because we want to maximize the benefits of getting high while minimizing the damage being done. Here’s a question, suppose you were under a brain surgeons knife, would you approve of him being a part time stoner?!

  45. Clusterlala says:

    Dear anyone who is thinking of trying these legal highs…. DONT ! One of them almost killed me, i had no idea how dangerous they were. If you want to avoid almost dying, being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and then having to deal with the painful memories every day then DONT DO IT !

  46. Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    Because we were betrayed into believing it was safe.

  47. JVW325 says:

    Why would you even try it in the first place?

  48. James Wilson says:

    hmmm? the government has put some really bad 4 u chemicals in it if its doing that kinda stuff 2 u or other people .Otherwise u had a whiteout and that is when the oxygen gets cut off 2 ur brain in small parts ive been smoking weed for 10 years now homegrown and hydro it seems u smoked some fucked up shit with tones of chemicals in it you will be so surprised of what goes in2 this stuff and i would not recommend smoking it alot like normal weed smokers. peace 🙂

  49. JustCallMeRuno says:

    This shit is seriously fucked up! Why doesn’t the damned government legalize, control and tax, 100% natural authentic Marijuana? All of this just goes to show how futile their war on drugs is.

    Now science is showing that smoking marijuana can actually stop cancer in its tracks.

    Just nuckin Futs!


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