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The Pot-Smoker’s Song

Posted on 28 April 2014 by admin

Some cool hashish cannabis images:

The Pot-Smoker’s Song
hashish cannabis
Image by Jan Tik
Found this tattooed guy in remote village on the west coast of South Africa. The poem on his back reads:

The Roker’s Song (The Pot-Smoker’s Song)

A Roker Boy came here one night
and found his house without a light
He struck a match to go to bed
when a sudden thought came into his head

He went into his daughter’s room
and found her hanging from a beam
He took his knife and cut her down
and on her breast these words he found

My love was for a Roker Boy
who smoked his dagga (pot) just for joy

So dig my grave and dig it deep
and plant some dagga at my feet
And on my breast a turtle dove
to show the world I died for love

Now all young Sheilas bear in mind
a Roker’s love is hard to find
If you find one good and true
never change it for a new.

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