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The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization

Posted on 22 May 2014 by admin

The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization DEA admits marijuana legalization ‘scares us’ A prime official at the US Drug Enforcement Administration has mentioned …

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25 Responses to “The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization”

  1. MrTheeyeofone says:

    Marijuana should not be classified as a drug in the first place, because
    marijuana is not addictive. Cigarettes and alcohol are addictive and that
    is why they are controlled substances. Marijuana should be treated like a
    food. Why do people eat steak, even though the price of steak is so high?
    Because they like the taste, it’s not because steak is addictive. People
    like the feeling they get from smoking or eating marijuana and that is why
    they do it, not because it’s addictive, therefore marijuana should be as
    legal as steak and cows. . 

  2. lovesagt says:

    This is an excellent report. Holder tells the truth about going after the
    banks!!! and this report explains the problem with legalized marijuana.

  3. Mateus Mate says:


  4. Greg Hensley says:

    Oh Ya, And Prisons owned by individuals, the Government guarantees they are
    90% capacity. Each Prisoner the Prison gets around $45,000 per person.
    Great Scam you got going. Also the average C.O. makes is about $15 an hour.
    That’s barely over $ 31,000 a year. You do your own math.!!!!!

  5. longtime beachbum says:

    a lot of scary truth in this

  6. Joseph Le Bard says:

    Hey fed’s there hiring at McDonals

  7. fire5479 says:

    Did you catch what Eric Holder said? If not replay the video. He’s the
    highest law enforcement figure in America, Holy cow! Then that so outta
    acting class DEA clown. Like he has no one to send his troops on if they
    make weed legal, bull chips! He will send em anyway just for the fun of it
    and holder laugh. Since January 21st 2009 we see the kinda change Obama
    wanted for America.

  8. ⱮΛⱤƗɈƲΛƝΛ ❹❷⓿ says:

    if the government is doing this then what about 9/11 is that a conspiracy
    all im saying if the trusted DEA is supplying guns and money to the cartel
    then did the gov help the terrorists on 9/11 this is a big fuck up.. fuck
    you DEA you worth less piece of shits

  9. Mrbooboo1972 says:

    Its all so fucked up. man you guys gave the keys of the world to the
    banks.. so what your saying is go huge and we wont touch you. WTF get a

  10. Darrylizer1 says:

    It’s all about money, duh.

  11. Jeffrey Harrison says:

    Disband the DEA,NSA, and the CIA terrorist organization. That would save
    taxpayers billions of dollars a day.

  12. Belligerent Politics says:

    The DEA’s Response To Marijuana Legalization

  13. mike y says:

    THE DEA should not even exist they are a waste of tax dollars we don’t need
    them if I was the president of this country I would first shut the DEA down
    and make Pot totally Legal!!

  14. Greg Hensley says:

    This is terrible. LIES !!!! Government LIES !!!!! The Taliban Killed
    farmers that grew Opium. “KILLED THEM” These people strap bombs themselves
    and blow shit up for 70 virgins in Heaven. Drugs will keep them out of
    Heaven.!!! So NO, There are No Taliban connected to Drugs. But on the Other
    Hand, The DEA sells more drugs than anyone. If we legalize Marijuana, we
    will cut the DEA Profits 10 Fold. (Maybe More). I guess the DEA will have
    to move up to Cocaine. (I believe they already do). I know for a fact they
    do. I worked with a man that just got out of Prison (10 years) because the
    DEA set him up in business to sell Kilo’s of Cocaine. He didn’t want to do
    it, They talked him into it. FUCK THE DEA !!!!! You Rotten Bastards….

  15. hoghs1 says:

    The DEA commented about being scared. So in reality he basically said our
    stance is at the moment completely unrational and based on fear born out of
    lack of knowledge. America the brave right?

  16. Jeff Slankard says:

    this is the only way that we the people can start taking power back.
    legalize marijuana at the state level in every state by getting it on the
    ballot and then overwhelmingly voting this in. we take money from the drug
    cartel(DEA) which in turn causes massive loss of profits for the
    incarceration of all those who are now serving time for a victimless crime.
    these under the table crimes which the government makes so much money from
    must stop.

  17. Ehrin Lloyd says:

    The reason that marijuana is illegal in the United States is because
    America is an aggressive, highly competitive society. And its like-minded
    government knows that it can’t walk up to a pot smoker, put a gun in his
    hand and then tell him to murder some guy over there that he doesn’t even
    know. So with that in mind, would anyone here care to hypothesize as to why
    alcohol is legal there instead…? : )

  18. Max Sanchez says:

    I have been saying this all along. I am a 25+ year heroin user that works,
    doesn’t steal, lie, cheat, and am SICK of this shit! I am a functional
    medical user that needs controlled regulated pharmaceutical diacetyl
    morphine(heroin), it is the ONLY drug I use, I don’t get high, and cannot
    function without it, and want my money to stay in MY country, in proper
    hands, not going to this BULLSHIT!!

  19. newbreedwarrior says:

    prisoners get free food health care and education while our children suffer
    are hungry, homeless and un educated to the fact that the government is
    raising criminals and thugs on a welfare dependent system

  20. kree1964 says:

    People who smoke pot = NOT criminals. The DEA = The REAL criminals.

  21. Dan Wipper says:

    Then,,, pot became legal and all the little DEA piggy’s went wee wee wee
    all the way home. Without pensions, sorry, get a job at a dispensary or

  22. almartin77 says:

    The US government has always had a double standard. I spent 3-1/2 years in
    prison because I believe that the income tax was being illegally applied to
    people who have no legal tax liability. But BIG Banks CAN LAUNDER BILLIONS
    in Mexican drug money.!!

  23. James Ski says:

    Tough shit to the people who make a living out of stealing the property of
    minor drug offenders under asset forfeiture laws, or by terrorizing people
    just trying to get through a difficult life by enjoying a nice high. I hope
    you assholes do lose your jobs, so maybe you can get more productive jobs
    as a result.

    I’m sorry, but you can’t legislate the way people prefer to spend their
    free time, or legislate the state of mind people should be in or not. The
    criminalization of drugs, especially cannabis has to be the most extreme
    form of fascism imaginable. The equally unholy seizure of peoples’ property
    that they acquired through their own hard work, just for committing simple
    drug offenses, and sometimes no offenses at all, are just as oppressive as
    the laws themselves against these drugs.

    I’m sorry DEA, private correction facilitiy CEOs and other terrorist
    organizations, you are not getting any pity party from me. I find this even
    funnier because I had recently lost several close friends and family
    members due to alcohol related incidents, but yet you goons have little
    problem chugging down your bottles while mouthing off that prohibition
    didn’t work for your drug of choice.

  24. Austin Oberlitner says:

    Cannabis is amazing. Same with psychedelics. 

  25. Smokie McPot says:



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