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Check out these thc effect images:

thc effect
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Posted by:Klaudi
Taken on:19.11.2011
Place:A wall behind the Trbovlje grammar school
Comment:This graffiti has at least three interpretations. Because it is in Trbovlje it could mean Trbovlje Hard Core, which is a slang expression used by teenagers to express their feelings about the city they live in. It means that Trbovlje is a city that has its own rules and it is quite unlikely to change drastically anytime soon. The second meaning could refer to The THC Association for culture and art production. The association was established in the late eighties and is still active today. They organize music concerts and help new groups to breakthrough. The third interpretation of the graffiti could be THC as an agent found in the cannabis plant. It is hallucinogenic drug which is self- administered by smoking. People usually feel calm and relaxed, but it can also have negative effects. So perhaps the person who made this graffiti is a member of THC Association or a teenager who thinks Trbovlje is hardcore or maybe someone who likes the effects of THC in drugs.

After Effect no. 2
thc effect
Image by christian.korsager

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