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Taste Testing Non-Tobacco Smoking Products

Posted on 03 May 2014 by admin

After seeing FlankerTanker talking about these non-tobacco smoking products I just had to try them. What I found most interesting as I researched them is tha…
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How i began smoking and and herbal tobacco blend.
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23 Responses to “Taste Testing Non-Tobacco Smoking Products”

  1. robertojdohnert says:

    I actually like the honeyrose products. I dont think they taste that bad
    for what it is. Its a non tobacco product that you use to cut don on your
    nicotine consumption. now the farmers, I do mix that with Captain Black
    white pouch and the Earth Impact i smoke it straight.

  2. Eric74 says:

    Give it away in a video contest, I’m sure someone wants it, definatley not

  3. PipeLotus says:

    Thanks for taking one for the team! I knew it was gonna be bad based on
    FT’s video.

  4. Ariwar4 says:

    Could make it an international contest! Can they tax it going over the
    border if its not tobacco?

  5. Aristocob says:

    Glad to see you pulled through.

  6. metalishkitten says:

    thats no 2 that doesnt really like it. the MMM yuck says it all.. im sure
    they do try and get a decent smoke out of it, and like you said, its good
    for mixing but other then that this dude isnt even gonna touch it.

  7. Aristocob says:

    You are welcome.

  8. Anthony Cagle says:

    Heck, I’d take one for the team just to try the stuff. But yeah, the wild
    lettuce really sounds messed up.

  9. briarfriar says:

    Thanks for saving me the trouble.

  10. Aristocob says:

    I placed my order right between FT’s first video, where he received them,
    and his second where he panned them. Bummer.

  11. Aristocob says:

    I think you’ve given me an idea… watch for it.

  12. Aristocob says:

    Happy to be of service.

  13. Aristocob says:

    Thanks. It didn’t dawn on me until I was explaining it how bad it sounded.
    I had to laugh at myself.

  14. Aristocob says:

    @taintedzombieflesh Yes, I’ve heard of them, but no, I haven’t tried them.
    YT presenter FlankerTanker didn’t have much good to say about it in his vid
    titled “trying out Barmora Light & Dark herbal mixture”.

  15. Mojo Milt says:

    RuthAnn (MojoTabbyJuJu is having the same thing happening with her MM
    Legend – those black “stripes” and a couple of big cracks. She says the
    same thing – smokes great! Weird. Doesn’t sound like the non tobacco stuff
    is worth spending time and money on. Cool to see that you have the
    OneManSmoke van going on LOL.

  16. Luke Crant says:

    Can i ask why that pipe has a magnet in it? :S

  17. Aristocob says:

    @blickluke Yes you may. Go to Magnacob(.)com

  18. Aristocob says:

    My best guess is some sort of worm food.

  19. bentheleet says:

    marshmello leaf?

  20. karlhenrikberger says:

    haha! get a real pipe! btw, do u make your own herbal tobacco

  21. DLWJohn says:

    LOL I thought you were smoking a clay cutty pipe till you held it up to the

  22. monkeyboyee1 says:

    hahahahaha im sorry.

  23. psykopanda11 says:

    do not smoke foil it can and will harm your lungs!! get or make a real pipe
    made from wood!!!


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