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synthetic marijuana (spice)?

Posted on 18 February 2014 by admin

Question by Justin: synthetic marijuana (spice)?
okay so im attempting to keep clean for a month to pass a drug test and i went to my regional liquor store and asked for 5x spice just to make that vile final me my final two weeks and be accomplished… they ended up providing me anything named the smoking panda 20x. i was skeptical at 1st but i decided to attempt it and soon after a single bowl i felt regular high like i do from weed but it only lasted about 20 minutes. I would like to know how protected is it? should I be okay to do it only for two weeks (its only 2grams)? and how usually more than these two weeks can i do it safely? and why do i feel high for only 20 minutes if its 20x?

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No a single can answer your queries except an advanced chem lab, or the person who made the mix you purchased. There is no way to know whats in it other smart. There is a list a mile lengthy of items it could possibly be. The a lot more probably list is shorter, but that is nevertheless a lot of stuff.

-It is truly NOT synthetic marijuana.. The plant material is just typical herbs from someone’s standard and legal garden. Any range. I have observed people employing all sorts of stuff. The component that is creating you high is a synthetic powder chemical that has probably been dissolved into acetone, sprayed onto the plant leaves, and then set out to dry. Many of the chemical compounds are cannabanoids – in the same household as marijuana. But NONE of the ones on the street are actually chemically close to marijuana. Beer and whiskey. Two different ball games. It is also not legal to ingest as a drug. They are sold legally the same way issues like spray paint is sold. You cant go acquire a bottle of Gold Huffer’s Palace, nor can you go acquire a package of synthetic drugs, rather, its incense. You can still be charged with drug charges, (plus a couple of extras because you are making use of non consumable items “inappropriatly”), can still get a dui, and could possibly show in a drug test. You would NOT show for marijuana, but there are drug tests for a couple of the more common chemical substances that initial came out on the open industry a few years ago.

-Not only do you not know whats in it, you dont know what its dosed at, and whether or not the subsequent bowl will have the same quantity or twice as much. The chemicals we are speaking about are active mg and often mcg weights. That is incredibly difficult to measure with no a scale that expense as a lot as your home. So, they mix a bigger quantity that they can measure more accurately. The a lot more you are mixing, the more possibility for errors. If the powders are not fully dissolved in the acetone or whatever is becoming utilized, it will develop hot spots in the mix. If you dont spray it on or soak it in a fully uniform manner, there will be hot spots.

-20x strength only lasting about 20 minutes?? Two fold. Many of the chemicals out right now just have extremely quick half lives. Some of them are chemically addictive, so your body is constantly adjusting to the quantity you have ingested. And, simply because… what is 20x? Its not like we are sitting here condensing actual plants down by cooking or one thing like that. They are taking a dose… maybe little, perhaps massive, perhaps middle, even so they got their quantity, and then times by 20. But, simply because there is so considerably variance in the dosing in the mixes, and then there are men and women smoking the actual powdered chemicals, variances in tolerance levels, potency of the batch of powder… 20x could literally be something. It could be enough to knock on the ground, place you in the hospital, or barely bat an eye.

-A lot of the chemical substances showing up in the blends CAN be more than dosed on, each to unpleasant effects, and healthcare danger, which is anything people are not considering about when they use marijuana. We barely know something about them. The media is blaming these types of drugs for issues like seizures, psychosis, and the zombie eaters final year (which i personally think had nothing at all to do with drugs, but, ok)

-If you want to do stuff like this safely…. Buy the stuff and mix your personal blend. There is nevertheless some danger, but at least you will know what you are ingesting. You can buy the powders online, the herbs can be gotten at any grocery or farmers marketplace. But, you will have to do a ton of analysis.. hunting up chemical compounds, discovering individuals to acquire it from, and so on..

You could go to web sites like and attempt to match the effects you knowledgeable with lists or user reports posted there.

I dont advise it, but if you are going to acquire it already mixed up, just make confident you strategy every hit like it is a brand new issue you have by no means had, and that you dont know what the dosing will be like, so you take tiny hits, rather than downing the entire bowl in a single big gulp.

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