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Spirit Walk Herbal Smoke Blend

Posted on 17 October 2013 by admin

Greg takes a Spirit Walk on his quest to get high legally. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Greg does not suggest for anyone to take any substa…
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13 Responses to “Spirit Walk Herbal Smoke Blend”

  1. MisterNickOtine says:

    scotch broom? in a legal blend??? wow. merlin smoked that shit you know.

  2. Arrí says:

    “Tastes like burning”

  3. MoonlitVibe says:

    The best use I’ve found for these herbal blends (with added wild dagga) is as a filler so that I can add just a small amount of weed if I have some – this *really* spreads it out so that it lasts about three times as long.

    Obviously if I have no weed, they’re good fill-ins. They switch your state of consciousness which is what’s typically wanted the first day I’m weed free. It’s nothing heavy like weed can be, just a comfortable feeling.

    I loved your “spirit walks”.

  4. MoonlitVibe says:

    As a teen, I wrote off all herbal highs (this was before “synthetic weed”) as useless but you definitely can get an effect form them. Wild dagga petals, the red petals specifically, have shown to be the most effective with a joint made from a damiana based mix (Damiana, Skullcap, Passionflower, Spearmint, Coltsfoot to be exact – Yuba Gold, Starchild brand) with a few pinches of dagga will easily bring me to that not sober place. It’s similar to the initial effects you get from mj.

  5. G0DzSC0PE says:

    Try smoke some proper herbal incense.

  6. Paul Jr RobINskinsky says:

    those glasses are might be apart of his personality

  7. tristan dufurrena says:

    how much was that spirit walk

  8. themonolithian says:

    Damiana is scary as fuck.

  9. Shae Hatton says:

    Have you ever smoked Tea?

  10. val entine says:

    i personally like his glasses. why are you calling him queer? because social norms dictate what is acceptable to wear?

  11. deezher123 says:

    Its basically spice

  12. 2693beaux says:

    love your video’s man! you would be alot of fun to hangout with

  13. thetrashrabbit says:

    America, Fuck yeah!!!!


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