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smoking synthetic weed vs. real?

Posted on 16 May 2014 by admin

Query by lowandbehold: smoking synthetic weed vs. actual?
I’ve been pondering lately that I might have acquired some sort of permanent harm from smoking fake marijuana. I know that individuals have stated actual marijuana protects against cell damage etc. Is this accurate? and also would not smoking the genuine weed prior to the fake weed lead to you to be less prone to damage or would it matter?

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Answer by Brad
From my understanding, actual weed is somewhat beneficial to a persons health. Synthetic weed is incredibly harmful.

I do not know if true pot stops cell harm but it brings a lot of other good overall health factors. And it doesn’t matter the order, smoking fake pot is nonetheless undesirable

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2 Responses to “smoking synthetic weed vs. real?”

  1. khahrosh says:

    Please, don’t be fooled, Iowandbehold. Marijuana, regardless of whether it’s
    real or fake, is going to be no less harmful than cigarettes–even though one
    of its ingredients is not Nicotine. That’s because you’ll still be doing damage
    to your lungs, from the inhalation of smoke.
    I would very strongly advise that you do not allow yourself to get addicted to
    “Sweet Mary Jane.”

  2. ioerr says:

    synthetic weed is made by spraying some inert leafy stuff like tea or herbs or whatever with some synthesized chemical such as jwh 18, which happen to mimic the effects of thc in the body.

    Aside from the fact that these thc mimics haven’t been extensively tested for use in humans, there isn’t necessarily going to be a whole lot of quality control involved with their manufacture, and it’s entirely possible you’ll find yourself smoking some other, unintended ingredient, unknown to you and to the company that sold you the stuff, that yes may do you serious harm.


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