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smoking alternatives?

Posted on 07 February 2014 by admin

Question by : smoking alternatives?
Can anyone think of any substance that a person could smoke that, does little or no damage to a person’s body, and has little or no effect on their state of consciousness.Think, the same level of damage as cannabis, and maybe lightheadedness, like from cigarettes.
doesn’t have to be legal, doesn’t have to be non- addictive, just has to not do damage. Right now I’m thinking along the lines of THC-free weed, but It might be the THC that makes it so safe to smoke.

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The Internet can find pretty alternatives to cigarettes, weed and so on. Typical examples – electronic cigarette, “legal weed” on the basis of natural cannaboids and etc. For example – i buy the so-called party pills or legal weed, which I mentioned. Here you can read a little more:

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  1. Kaviani999 says:

    THC-free weed would have to be heavily chemically treated or genetically modified. Not recommended.

    Unfortunately, comparative toxicity studies for non-tobacco smoke are scant. There is nothing that can definitely say “THIS is ok”, so you pretty much have to wing it. I would suggest herbal cigarettes, lobelia, or pedicularis infata (“Indian warrior”), but I cannot validate anything but other people have smoked these things and enjoyed them. VERY low (if any) psychoactive effect; certainly less than nicotine.


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