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smoking a joint of nitro from herbal-smokes dot com

Posted on 24 November 2013 by admin

im testing the herbal smoke nitro to see if i can get higher from it if your considering about purchasing this stuff you ought to watch this.

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12 Responses to “smoking a joint of nitro from herbal-smokes dot com”

  1. Nuella Mils says:

    an x-mas present;we do have good strains of kush available at moderate
    prise,for our December can contact us via

  2. Johnathan Farley says:

    @adam watson How.long did shipping take?

  3. Johnathan Farley says:

    Never got my package from them

  4. Johnathan Farley says:


  5. MrPredatoronline says:

    wtf is with your room???….:O…

  6. AReallyBigMistake says:

    stop smokin that shit

  7. EddieBee83 says:

    I love this guy.

  8. 72477515 says:

    Killer papers g. Legit vid

  9. Dave Taylor says:

    I actually found when you smoke that synthetic shit you actually have to
    hold the inhale for a bit longer than you normally would when smoking weed.
    I have tried Geeked up, cloud 9, cloud 9 ultra, mad hatter, monkey family
    and Afterlife blueberry “in a pipe” and found holding the toke for 10 – 15
    seconds works pretty good.

  10. adam watson says:

    its dark in the room and i have a light shining on me

  11. adam watson says:

    no im his broke ass brother lol

  12. grantweekes says:

    Try smoking mary joy’s annihilation….


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