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should you trust the online weed shops?

Posted on 27 February 2014 by admin

Question by Shaan: should you trust the online weed shops?
there’s a couple online Weed and Salvia shops that say you can order from them, but i’m wondering if anyone knows and SAFE and TRUSTED websites for them?

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Answer by inthekitchen
Never ever ever ever trust any drug dealers that want the money up front and then promise to send you the goods.

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2 Responses to “should you trust the online weed shops?”

  1. Fᴜck says:

    There is no “online weed shops”. Even where you live is FULLY legal, you cant order it online. You need to go to a coffee shop, or a dispensary. If the guy is saying like “hey put some money on this account I’ll send you weed, dont trust it. The guy will just take your money. You can just say “officer the guy I paid for weed didnt give me my weed” lol Go do it face to face.

  2. gameface says:

    No, you shouldn’t trust them.

    When they say they sell weed is that what they call it? Do they talk about THC levels, Indica/Sativa, trichomes? Or do they call it “Kush” or “Pineapple Express” or some silly shit like that?

    I don’t think any place selling salvia has anything to do with marijuana. The two things are nothing alike. Salvia can be very dangerous as it produces powerful hallucinations accompanied by blackouts by the user, only the user is still very active during the black out. One guy beat his girlfriend to death with a bar-bell during his trip. Nothing like that has ever happened from using marijuana.

    Anyway, there is 0% chance that if you pay them money they’ll actually send you marijuana. 0%


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