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should weed be legal?

Posted on 19 April 2014 by admin

Question by : should weed be legal?
i think it should.
many people don’t and i want to know why.
stoners don’t answer cuz already know why you think it should 😀

Best answer:

Answer by Stephen
Yes and very heavily taxed. Also who its sold to should be heavily controlled and driving after smoking should be illegal

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4 Responses to “should weed be legal?”

  1. Krankhaus Ronnie ツ says:

    I think weed should be legal. It makes people happy and is all herbal. Unlike cigarettes. Just an opinion. (:

  2. Animostik B says:

    Weed probably should be legal, and only modestly taxed. I’d treat it like alcohol, but with a lower minimum age to be determined by individual states. If you smoke weed, and drive a car, and smash into someone, then you should be sued. If you smoke weed with your buddies inside the privacy of your own home, then fine, smoke, snort, chug, pill-pop, and even shoot-up.

    Just keep your drug habits to yourself, it should be your right, but don’t do anything that would infringe the rights of others. If you live in an apartment, get a powerful air filter to keep the smell under control and prevent bothering other tenants. If you use needle drugs, don’t chuck the needles into the street or someone’s yard. Dispose of the needles properly, most medical supply companies sell really nifty sharps disposal units.

    Drugs got illegal because drug users and their habits spilled outside of their own privacy and into the lives of other people. They didn’t keep it to themselves and a few (but just enough) lacked self-control and ended up doing dumb things that urinated allot of people off.

    Drug users also need to pay for their own medical bills that result from irresponsible drug use.

  3. big matt says:

    Yes it should be legal it is America’s #1 cash crop which would make us billions if we legalized it and taxed similar to alcohol. Drunk drivers kill millions every year, ever hear of someone stoned driving and crashing? Didn’t think so. The government should not be able to have control over what you do in your own home or your own time. If we can drink and smoke cigarettes in our houses and nobody cares why do people care if we smoke weed in our houses? It’s our choice and police locking people up for it isn’t going to stop people from doing it. Obviously this “war on drugs” isn’t working and instead of funding millions possibly billions in to the war on drugs we can eliminate that and legalize marijuana to make billions upon billions which would greatly stimulate our economy.

  4. Idiots Rule says:

    Less lethal than alcohol.


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