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sex addicts anonymous meeting

Posted on 20 February 2014 by admin

Christina, a sex addict that needs help. comments would be muchly appreciated.

Mark H. 12-Step

Mark H. from 1998 giving a wonderful talk! Mark is one of the BEST XA speakers ever! From the book Alcoholics Anonymous: “In spite of the great increase in t…
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12 Responses to “sex addicts anonymous meeting”

  1. BiShBrAt says:

    omg this was funny as fuck

  2. eric samano says:

    i heard shes seeing herpes hank lol hahahahahaa hoelarious

  3. eric samano says:

    i herd shes going out with herpes hank lol hahahaahahaha

  4. eddiea6987 says:

    lmaooooo i thought oyu were fo real like the first couple of seconds but
    funny tho… sex is GREAT

  5. JeffVell says:

    That is funny shit! Thanks for the laugh. I saved this as a fav. 12 Step
    Programs SUCK!

  6. Michael Blouir says:


  7. Terry Le Boeuf says:

    met mark in windsor ontario Canada where he was the main speaker. Got to
    chat with him and knew he was on the beam. I listen to all his discs along
    with Joe H and Chris R. They continue to be my mentors. Thanks Mark and I
    know God has you busy helping us.

  8. Luiz Fernando da Silva says:

    SÓ POR HOJE!!! Tentarei conseguir uma melhor perspectiva da minha vida
    através NA.

  9. Gary Paro says:

    You are not alone! Mark was a true legend. 🙂

  10. ddukedh says:

    thanks for those wonderful words, inspiring words and having the courage to
    stand up and speak. My question is where is EVERYBODY, are the people in
    the meeting and me the only ones here. HELP PLEASE!!! I need feedback

  11. Odomtology 12-Step Recovery Media says:

    You’re welcome, what’s up? How can I help? 🙂


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