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What is incense powder?

by 96dpi Question by Uncle Sanjay: What is incense powder? I was burning some incense and I remembered that it always leaves behind this grey powder. I was just wondering what it was and if it has any special properties or uses. Best answer: Answer by Shivam M.Incense powder is is composed of aromatic biotic […] [...more]

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POW! Herbal Incense Assessment – 1g – Jay Muise – Legal HIGH Guy

APRIL FOOLS Review! 2012 Jay Muise aka Legal HIGH Guy Reviewing “POW! By Organics” Herbal Incense. Comes in a double sealed 1 gram “Green Metal Flake/Glitter” package. Distinct “Gun” with “Expolsive font”. Not for Novices. Stong item. No flavor even though has distinct “Bubble gum” Smell to it. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION** Strength: ten-ten Incoming […] [...more]

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#1 K2 Brand | Herbal Incense | Smoking Potpourri | Reviews | 100% Legal | Win a Trip!

smoking incense, herbal blends, smoking spice blunt, k2 brownies, smoking incense powder, smoking herbal blend, k2 smoke blend, custom smoking blends, spice … Video Rating: 0 / 5 [...more]

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100x Legal Herbal Incense Spice K2 2012 Review Navy FREE Samples FREE Samples The Most Powerfull Herbal Incense Available…. herbal incense, synthetic marijuana, legal marijuana, synthetic wee… Incoming search terms:free spice samples no credit cardK2 Incense Free Samplesfree herbal incense sample no credit cardk2 samplesfreebymailherbal incense samples [...more]

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What is incense sticks made out of and how can 1 make their own?

Question by !: What is incense sticks made out of and how can a single make their own? Also, what are the precise components in the incense powder coating the sticks? For cinnamon incense sticks for a particular ritual can a actual cinnamon stick be used as a substitute? Are there any other incense stick […] [...more]

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