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rasta dawg!

Posted on 07 February 2014 by admin

Verify out these free rasta weed photos:

rasta dawg!
free rasta weed
Image by Hollywood Poodle
Blondie chillin wit da weed! (her Dad is a licensed patient)

Blondie is going to be Hollywood’s newest and hottest four legged star! Blondie is beautiful and talented!
Blondie does all kinds of tricks she does all the usual dog tricks and some of her own! She can count! if I ask her math difficulties with the answer up to 50 she will bark out the right amount of barks, and she learns something rapidly, and is a seasoned street performer. she can work around crowds, loud trucks, sirens etc…
Did we mention Blondie is obtainable for modeling, commercials, television shows, films, training your dog as effectively!
really feel free to use her pictures for non industrial use, but if you do use them a modest donation to Blondie’s paypal account would be greatly appreciated! Blondie’s particular person is trying to upgrade our act and get him a great dog costume! also Blondie needs a few items as well!
our paypal account is

Free of charge
free rasta weed
Image by dyekoy
emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free of charge our minds -robert &quotbob&quot nesta marley (1945-1981)

The Way Residence (Forever will i see you far more)
free rasta weed
Image by Uncleweed
With scant days to go, Uncle Weed reflects on scant expectations, much better realized – plus shares affection for type folks, the important of obtaining authenticity and supporting regional economy although embarking on final measures ahead of leaving, including: visiting the lifeguard, packing up jerk spice and mango chutney, detailing the geometric woodwork in the Queen’s Cottage’s roof, and mops up a couple of stories, chats about PM Michael Manley’s Canadian ties and dives into the sea ahead of saying excellent-bye to the Jamaican folks by celebrating optimism about the totally free island’s place in the planet.

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