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Rant On Marijauna

Posted on 27 February 2014 by admin

Im testing my Skype cam just for the future and we talk about marijuana.
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Marijuana has real health benefits, and can also cause a few problems. Wouldn’t it be good to have an objective opinion on the subject? Today I’m firm and bi…
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8 Responses to “Rant On Marijauna”

  1. DartTehGamer says:


  2. Whatslovegottodo Withit says:

    about that……jk jk 🙂 of course it was gann be nice comment lol

  3. Whatslovegottodo Withit says:

    Your welcome and I really liked the one about white guys and black girls I
    thought it was super funny lol but for some add reason I couldn’t comment
    it there lol

  4. TrueGritProductions says:

    Thanks! It must have been amazing because I don’t remember it. How was

  5. TrueGritProductions says:

    Thanks for the honest feedback. I have since shaved, but for a time it was
    fun 🙂

  6. Whatslovegottodo Withit says:

    I love your videos 🙂

  7. TrueGritProductions says:

    My pleasure thanks Tyler

  8. TrueGritProductions says:

    That’s too bad I’m sure it would have been an intriguing comment 🙂


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