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Question about spice (“synthetic pot”) ?

Posted on 21 June 2014 by admin

Query by BrittBratt: Query about spice (“synthetic pot”) ?
So I am not a fan of the stuff and my brother attempted telling me that I am going to lose my job when they drug test me due to the fact I was in the room when it was getting smoked (although I did not smoke any)
I was asking yourself if that is correct.

Please don’t be rude or say dumb things. Just don’t waste your time answering it if that is the case.

Best answer:

Answer by Kasima Wood
Occasionally people say you can catch a contact but i never know how truth that is.

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One Response to “Question about spice (“synthetic pot”) ?”

  1. Robin Spake says:

    I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. First, spice, and all drugs like it, is not synthetic pot, nor synthetic THC. That synthetic claim is a street name. The drugs are narcotic hallucinogens, made in someones garage or a drug lab, and is unsafe. You can not get a contact high by being in the same room with someone using spice. You can get arrested because you are in the same room with people when they get arrested, but only because you are guilty of possession if you are in the same room.
    Stay away from addicts, from drug users, and from plain fcktup people.


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