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Queries about smoking pot for the first time?

Posted on 05 January 2014 by admin

Query by Hannah: Questions about smoking pot for the very first time?
I never ever mentioned that I was going to smoke pot or anything, I just have questions about it.
What are initial time side effects and how frequent are they?
Does it really burn the very first time and if yes, how badly?
What are some normal issues that will occur when you smoke pot?
What are some irregular things that will take place when you smoke pot?
What are some lengthy term effects pot has on you?
Any added info about it is extremely much appreciated.

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Answer by Phil

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One Response to “Queries about smoking pot for the first time?”

  1. says:

    1. The first time side effects will be the same side effects you’ll always get. Personally, the first time I smoked marijuana, I didn’t get high.. but I think that’s becaue I wasn’t smoking it right. Make sure you INHALE it, not just keep it in your mouth. The best way to make sure it is going into your lungs is to get it in your mouth, then take another deep breath to ensure its in your lungs and the THC (active ingredient in weed that makes you high) is getting into your bloodstream. The only thing I can think of for your first time that you might experience and not other times is paranoia. If you get paranoid and think you’re going to get caught, etc.. just calm down, realize you’re doing nothing wrong, and no one is going to catch you.

    2. Well, it IS smoke. If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, you know that it burns slightly. Marijuana smoke doesn’t burn nearly as hot as a cigarette and doesn’t burn too much.. not enough for me really even notice. If you’re smoking out of a joint or blunt (marijuana cigartte/cigar) then make sure you drag on the joint/blunt instead of just taking little puffs like you would a cigartte. If you’re smoking out of a pipe, it will burn about as hot as a joint does. And if you’re smoking out of a bong, the smoke is VERY cool since it’s cooled by water and I can hardly feel it. (Bongs are the best, btw.. imo.)

    3. Normal things that will happen- for me, I realize things that I would have never realized when I’m sober. Like, some of the stuff doesn’t even really matter or it’s trivial, but I begin to see things in another perspective. Your eyes will get heavy and possibly bloodshot (the reason why your eyes get bloodshot can be found here: Also, most everything will be funnier and for me, personally, my vision increases. I can see new depths of things and everything looks much more clear and in focus.

    4. Irregular things- Some people freak out. I once smoked with a friend who had his first joint, freaked out, called his mom and started crying to her. But this kind of thing never happens.. I’ve been smoking for a while now with many different people, and hardly anyone ever freaks out.

    5. Long term effects- I don’t care what people say: NO SMOKE IS GOOD FOR YOU. Marijuana smoke, tobacco smoke, whatever.. smoke is not meant to go into your lungs. But alcohol (bad for the liver) isn’t good for you either, but if you want to get away from the reality of things, there will be consequences. If you are an occasional user (a few times a week) there seriously won’t be any long term effects. The only reason people get lung cancer from smoking are those people that chain smoke and smoke packs of cigarettes a day. If you smoke, say, a joint a day.. no..there will be no long term effects. I have never had a craving (mentally or physically) to smoke marijauna, I just like to on occasion with friends. It’s not addictive at all.

    Any extra info- Pretty much, just relax. Don’t drive the first time you try it. Smoke out of something legit (like a glass/wood pipe, papers, glass bong) the first time you smoke. Don’t smoke out of an apple or a soda can. It just ruins the weed.

    =) Hope I helped!


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