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Q&A: Why is salvia legal and weed not ?

Posted on 28 February 2014 by admin

Query by Clark: Why is salvia legal and weed not ?
Why is salvia legal and weed not

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Answer by sabrinap17
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6 Responses to “Q&A: Why is salvia legal and weed not ?”

  1. Dana says:

    it is moreunhealthy

  2. Daniel Flynn says:

    A better question is why is Alcohol legal and weed not? Alcohol – Causes severe depression, does massive damage to the kidneys and liver and in extreme circumstances the brain as well, destroys relationships, causes violence all over the world, medical costs associated with alcohol are extraordinarily high. Weed – Deaths are extremely rare and nearly all deaths can be associated to tobacco, does not cause violent behavior, the only long term damage is very rare mental conditions all of which are triggered by weed not created by weed. The true reason? Alcohol is profitable whereas weed is not, how is it just that a person that sells small quantities of weed can be sent to jail and a manager of a multibillion dollar tobacco company can be rewarded despite the fact they are responsible for thousands if not millions of preventable deaths each year and what do they get? They are rewarded in every way possible, money, material objects and social status… Salvia is only legal because it’s use is so low that the government does not see it as a threat in any way shape or form.

  3. Jordan says:

    Salvia is illegal in some places. Basically it comes down to marijuana has been in the “main stream” for longer where salvia is less well known. (the spell checker for this doesn’t even realize it’s a word).

  4. ScrewHead says:

    It was originally protested, for ceremonial use which dates back a lonnnnnnng time ago. I remember reading about it after trying it once. It’s a crazy world we live in huh? Weed is illegal, alcohol isn’t, and cigarettes are every where you look. ALSO weed isn’t illegal because it’s more mainstream. It was once the most agriculturally grown plant(hemp that is). But when the logging industry forced the government to illegalize marijuana they succeeded. And then the “weed madness” era was born which lead to marijuana’s downfall with the telling of false truths. You should really watch the movie called “the union” if you ever get a chance. Gives a great story about the history and how the underground world of weed still thrives despite prohibition (same with alcohol).

  5. N says:

    In my state salvia is illegal now. They still have this other crap but “they” say its incense that you burn but people smoke it, sometimes they even die from it but ppl do it anyways.

  6. And I Love Her says:

    I was just thinking about this today. It’s legal in a few states still mainly I think because it’s less known and used than weed. Weed should be legal though, yes? Yes.


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