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Q&A: Why is it moral to drink alcohol but immoral to use marijuana?

Posted on 03 October 2013 by admin

Query by TC: Why is it moral to drink alcohol but immoral to use marijuana?
Alcohol is considerably far more damaging, specifically if you use marijuana in manner that does not involve smoking it.

There are numerous individuals who drink beer and smoke cigarettes every day, but who judge people who use marijuana as evil scumbags. What is it that gives alcohol customers this moral advantage over marijuana customers?

I know that marijuana is illegal, but just simply because something is illegal does not make it immoral.
Marijuana has been used by Indo-Europeans for thousands of years.

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Answer by aquafina = muy buena
are you high proper now?? hahah that just sounds funny… the stuff you wrote lol

i have no notion.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Why is it moral to drink alcohol but immoral to use marijuana?”

  1. Matt says:

    “Just because something is illegal does not make it immoral.”

    The same with if something is legal; that doesn’t mean it’s moral. This all depends on how much of this stuff people do. Alcohol in moderation is good for you. I guess one could use that same argument for marijuana as well, considering there are people who use it for medicinal purposes.

  2. T ;) says:

    Weed was introduce during the hippie era, and if you study about people’s attitude’s toward hippies, you’ll find a lot of where the attitudes from weed comes from. When weed came in it came in with many more dangerous drugs, and weed was basically like the gate in a way.

    Alcohol has been here for a longer time and is more associated with once in a while partying,where as weed is associated with homeless potheads or crazy teenagers or drug abuse. While that may not be the actual image of the people who do it, it’s the stereotype that comes a long with it.

    It’s like asking about racial or religious or political attitudes. It’s going to take a lot of historical and cultural lessons before you truly understand the concept of the reasoning people make for judgments. And even after studying much, you’ll still may not understand.

    And as far as I’m concerted many people do not see alcoholics as saints and clean. Generally people do not think of positive connotations with it comes to alcoholic or cigarette abuse.

  3. ayelbee says:

    probably because alcohol has been an accepted part of society since the medieval days (probably even earlier) and the dangers of it were not really known then. Its a legal drug if you like.

    Marijuana falls into a different category. Its been used for centuries but not as widespread and Im betting that the Chinese who used it centuries ago had no idea of what they were doing to themselves either. It was seen to be detrimental to health long before the alcohol thing was really looked into.

    If you look at the effects that longterm marijuana can have on an individual you would understand why its illegal.

    I agree that longterm alcoholism isnt pretty either but the use of alcohol isnt in question here, the use of an illegal substance is.

    Whilst it remains an illegal substance to use it is immoral in the eyes of the law.

  4. caps_2006 says:

    Alcohol is much worse than marijuana. Marijuana use is discouraged by alcohol/drug companies because they make huge profits off of marijuana prohibition. A drug that has a zero death rate versus the large death rate of alcohol and prescription should defiantly be legal.

  5. Whoaaa33 says:

    You said it yourself. Marijuana is illegal, not immoral. People just have their heads up their asses.


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