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Q&A: Why is gambling illegal?

Posted on 10 March 2014 by admin

Question by leedogg1981: Why is gambling illegal?
I mean it’s my money, If I wanted to blow all of it, irresponsibley, on say, video games; there’s no law preventing it…

Is the rest of the world as backward as the US on this issue?

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Answer by steven d
i know i love to gamble and this is supposed to be America land of the free right!!!

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Why is gambling illegal?”

  1. george p says:

    not true

  2. mark says:

    you lose your money and you want more of it and you may kill to get it

  3. alfonso r says:

    Bud, it’s illegal, because you don’t pay taxes on you’r winnings!!

  4. mumluvsherboys says:

    It’s not. What? only if you are under age. You are really from the US? Vegas is the gambling capital. Did I miss something?

  5. Yoda says:

    Organized gambling is legal ,,,,, You can go into any casino in the country and loose your entire bank roll ,,,,,In fact the US is one of the world leaders in state of the art gambling ,,,,,So I don’t know where you get this idea that the US is backward ,,,,,If you want to loose your money then the legal system says you have to loose it their way and according to their dictates ,,,, not your own ,,,, What the government doesn’t like are the penny anti card games that a few guys in the neighbor hood will get together in someones basement to play ,,,,,, That is defininently illegal ,,,, but allot of people still do it anyway though ,,,,The money involved in these small money games can’t be taxed by the government because it doesn’t know about them or when or where they take place or how much money is involved ,,,, and believe me the government is just as greedy as the gambling establishments ,,,,, Just look at what the IRS does to people,,,, Like the casino’s they want their hands on as much money as they can get and they have their own agents cruising the casino floors too ,,,, What the casino’s don’t like are the people that have figured out a system that beats the house ,,,,, These casinos were established exclusively for the purpose of taking other peoples money ,,,,, That’s what they do and that’s why they are in business ,,,,,,,And a person that has figured out a winning system defeats their purpose ,,,, Casinos aren’t in the business of loosing money ,,,,,,, Believe me ,,,, If it wasn’t lucrative ,,,,, they wouldn’t be in the business to begin with,,,,, And that’s why they always have their eye out for constant winners ,,,,,,, Constant winners take the money away that the casino figures belongs to them ,,,,not the person doing the winning ,,,, Sometimes some casinos will go so far as to have their thugs rough some one up that has won what they consider too much ,,,,, Following that the victim is barred from comming in the place again ,,,, and the name of the individual and his picture is sometimes distributed through out the other establishments ,,,,, All the people in this business will help each other out from one casnio to the next where the constant winnner is concerned because they all operate under the premise that your money belongs to them and only them ,,,,, That’s just one of the reasons for the saying that gambling is the other mans game,,,, Vegas and places like it are in the business of taking peoples money not giving it away ,,,,, It amazes me how many people will flock to these places ,,,,, It all comes down to greed and these places capitalize on that very thing ,,,,, Most every one is always looking for something for nothing and they figure their best chance to get it is to go to these places ,,,,, This is right up the alley ,,, so to speak ,,,, of these clip joints ,,,,, They cater to the persons greed ,,,,, And yes ,,,,, Every now and then they do pay out to a big winner but they have to let this happen now and then just to maintain their credibility in order to keep the populace interested and teased ,,,,,But sometimes this big winner is just an employee of the establishment in disguise,,,, Gambling is the other mans game ,,,,, Well ,,,,, Where Vegas and places like it are concernded ,,,, that is very true ,,,, The legal and or judicial systems do absolutely nothing to stop this rape of the American public ,,,,,, Years ago gambling was against the law period,,,,,, They had good and valid reasons for these laws ,,,,, State lotteries are another thing ,,,,,, One state used the excuse that the proceeds form the lottery would go to the educational system in the state ,,,,,,They used that reason to get the bill or what ever it is passed just to get the thing established ,,,,,, I know of one state that used that very excuse and after it was established ,,, approxametly 61 % of the schools in that state eventually had to drop or suspend certain classes due to the lack of state funding as well as combine several small schools to make one ,,,, The laws banning gambling years ago were founded and established for good and valid reasons ,,,,, When the politician got involved ,,,,the law went out the window but the good and valid reasons remained and still remain yet today ,,,,, Just remember this ,,,,,, That gambling didn’t become legal until it became lucrative for our legislators and politicians FIRST ,,, The people in our government system won’t make any decisson until they’ve figured out just how lurcative it will be for themselves FIRST,,,,, It’s always FIRST things FIRST with them ,,,, Then maybe they will consider what they should do where the people that elected them are concerned ,,,,, I could go on and on ,,,,, this situation happens to be one of my pet peaves and I always seem to get on the soap ,,,, so to speak,,,,, when this subject comes up ,,,,, Yoda told you this ,,,,, Just a PS ,,,,, Alfonso it totally wrong about not paying taxes on winnings ,,,,Winnings is considered income,,,,,, Every time you check your chips in at the booth there’s someone right there from the IRS ready to pounce on you ,,,,, If you didn’t pay taxes on your winnings then the IRS wouldn’t be so prevelent at these gambling establishments ,,,,,, Believe me ,, winnings are taxed ,,,,


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