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Q&A: What are the effects of habitual marijuana use on the human physique?

Posted on 24 May 2014 by admin

Question by David: What are the effects of habitual marijuana use on the human body?
I have seen the study that was created in 1975 that concluded that it kills brain cells, but has because been observed as outdated. I have also noticed a lot of speculation that it reduces sperm count to . Just place, what are the effects of marijuana on the human body? Great and undesirable as I am sure there are pros and cons. Please dont let this turn into a “drugs iz bad, do not doooo drugzzzzzz” simply because I just genuinely want to know as I have been smoking pot for about 4 years now. Any aid would be great. Please also cite proof if any is readily offered. Thank you =]

Best answer:

Answer by Jillian Galloway
Humans have employed marijuana for far more than 5,000 years, if it brought on any important issues we’d know all about them by now. But it does not.

Never take my word for it although:
DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young – “In strict health-related terms marijuana is far safer than numerous foods we frequently consume. It is physically not possible to eat adequate marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its organic kind is 1 of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. Marijuana does not meet the legal criteria of a Schedule I prohibited drug and must be reclassified”.

Governor Raymond P. Shafer, Commission chairman of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse (“the Shafer Commission”) – “the actual and possible harm of use of marijuana is not great adequate to justify intrusion by the criminal law into private behavior” and advisable that “the possession of marijuana for personal use no longer be an offense, and that the casual distribution of modest amounts of marijuana for no remuneration, or insignificant remuneration no longer be an offense”.

Dr. Donald Tashkin, author of the largest study ever conducted into marijuana and cancer – “We hypothesized that there would be a good association in between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be far more positive with heavier use. What we discovered alternatively was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect”.

The Lancet (British health-related journal) – “the smoking of cannabis, even lengthy term, is not dangerous to well being”.

So that’s the wellness aspects of marijuana, now lets appear at its prohibition:
John P. Walters, Director of the Workplace of National Drug Manage Policy – “Marijuana, not heroin or cocaine, is the “bread and butter,” “the center of gravity” for Mexican drug cartels that each year smuggle tons of it through the porous U.S.-Mexico border. Of the $ 13.eight billion that Americans contributed to Mexican drug traffickers in 2004-05, about 62 percent, or $ eight.6 billion, comes from marijuana consumption”.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – “The killings, beheadings and bombings in Mexico are due to “our insatiable demand for illegal drugs”.

So, taxpayers pay $ 40 BILLION a year for the prohibition which *doesn’t* stop individuals smoking (so whatever “harms” it causes are with us anyway) and which empowers the sadistic drug cartels, resulting in the death of thousands of good people every single year. We want to Quit people purchasing from the cartels, and the ONLY way to obtain this is by permitting reputable companies to generate and sell marijuana to adults with soon after-tax costs set too low for the cartels to match. We have to legalize marijuana.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What are the effects of habitual marijuana use on the human physique?”

  1. Heather says:

    It doesn’t kill brain cells, and as far as I know it doesn’t affect sperm count. Those “studies” were largely propaganda.

    The only definite negative affect you get is from actually smoking, which can harm your lungs. Vaporizing or ingesting marijuana is much better.

    EDIT: The answer below me was right in all but one thing… it doesn’t “treat” cancer, or affect cancer cells in any way. Chemotherapy treats the cancer, and marijuana helps with the nasty side effects of Chemo.

  2. Lina says:

    It relaxes you, most of the people I’ve known become really very talkative — not like a mad chatterer, but yeah just a little more chitty-chatty, haha.
    It has been known to help treat: Cancer, Alsimers, Parkinson’s disease — watch The Union and you’ll see the result, it is freaking night and day — eating disorders, many other things that I don’t really feel like typing up at the moment.
    I’ve never heard of it lowering sperm counts, it also does not cause short term memory loss or kills braincells.
    Smoke, of any kind, is bad for your lungs so ingesting it through maybe baked goods is a better way of ingesting Marijuana, and probably a yummier way too, haha.

    You shouldn’t smoke it through adolesence to adulthood though, there is a slight problem with that I can’t remember what exactly though, again I’d watch The Union to see — a very interesting and factual documentary.
    So if you would start smoking marijuana I’d suggest at the very least 17, just ’cause. It’s harmless but still you should wait anyways. 🙂
    Hope this helped.


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