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Q&A: Result in and impact people! Marijuana Legalize or ban?

Posted on 23 February 2014 by admin

Query by Pseudo: Trigger and impact folks! Marijuana Legalize or ban?
Ok so lately there has been a lot of speak about legalizing the mary jay. Which is excellent and all, picture the revenue that would bring in? Ans i am not talking about a couple million i am speaking 10 BILLION bucks! It’ll make the price of a entirely decked Lamborghini pocket alter.

Ah but there is always a silver lining…. Which brings me to this….
What are some of the dangers of introducing Marijuana to the legal market place? what are some of the positive aspects? Will this ultimately aid us in the extended run? Will far more people turn into addicts? Is having it readily accessible to the public going to result in any longer trouble?
See this is wonderful you guys but to every con there is a pro.

As James T pointed out there are several factors that hemp could be utilised for.

Confident there are side effcts for smoking it, but as well a lot of something is bad.

I am asking you to broaden your horizions and verify out Both sides of the field.

Wisdom strikes once again!
You guys are performing excellent n_n =)

Best answer:

Answer by Officer.
It ought to stay illegal no matter what. Individuals need to stop taking drugs and discover to deal with reality. these substances mess with your program general and your brain, just lay off the garbage.

marijuana has been linked to several brain illnesses, such as schizophrenia and psychosis. it need to in no way be legalized.

All this talk about legalizing it and yadayada, its gonna go in circles, nobodys gonna legalize this garbage.

It is addicting. Even although these clowns claim its not, it is. Something Very good is addicting, and weed tends to make u really feel very good (at times)…sometimes it just makes me depressed or it messes with my thought patterns. it turns u crazy, finish of.

What do you believe? Answer beneath!

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Result in and impact people! Marijuana Legalize or ban?”

  1. JW.C says:

    Until you can produce a test that instantly tells whether or not a person has used marijuana within the last few hours, you won’t ever get it legalized. The reason being that with alcohol, you know with a single breathalyzer test whether or not a person has been drinking. That’s not the case with weed, and until there is a test that can prove or disprove use within the past few hours. It won’t be legalized

  2. Drew says:

    Pay close attention to the crime statistic graphs. Can you pick out the years of prohibition? Alcohol prohibition was a complete failure, and so is whats going on today. If you don’t trust the source do your own research. There is tons of evidence that criminalized drugs is more harmful than the drugs themselves.

    Marijuana is already totally available to the public. The most dangerous side affect of it are the legal ones.

    Officer your statements are contradictory. You swear it is addictive, but you felt better when you quit. Have you ever seen any one recovering from drugs including alcohol? They surely don’t feel 100% better. Most never recover from being addicted to something.

  3. rare2findd says:

    its no different than smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. People will never stop smoking marijuana. A smart legislator would have legalized it long ago. An aunt of mine who has stopped smoking regular cigarettes says that when she was “hooked” she’d get up in the middle of the night to go find a store where she could buy them if she ran out. She also said that the govenrment always knew cigarettes were addictive. Its just that they were rather cheap.
    Legalize marijuana? Yes. May as well, considering the hundreds of millions who use it.
    And how taxing would put a big dent in the national debt.
    and for the guy who smoked it during his high school years? hummm.
    you smoked it when it was illegal.
    for years.
    enough said.


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