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Q&A: Negitive weed side effects?

Posted on 11 February 2014 by admin

Question by TimeToParty: Negitive weed side effects?
Effectively i havent smoked in about a year but i always wondered why i commence to skitz…By that i mean i start off twitching and feel like im possessing a heart attack. I 1st believed that perhaps the weed was laced with coke or somthing simply because i’ve been smokin for so long but it would look 1/5th of the time it happens. Can someone inform me why it happens and how to repair it if it can be fixed
It looks like regular weed, And no this isnt a joke…i live in dallas tx and its common for weed to get laced if u get it out of the hood.
I’ve smoked with numerous various men and women and its happend with all of them

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Answer by Truth-be-told
Is this a joke?
Weed laced with cocaine?
A inexpensive, herbal plant that is smoked…. laced with a Class A substance?

Give me the number of the guy you happen to be getting that from!!!

…and a excellent tip for your question, is continue to not smoke it, and you will be fine.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Negitive weed side effects?”

  1. Josh Y says:

    Are you smoking with anyone? They could possibly lace it.

    Financially, dealers wouldn’t lace weed with cocaine, because it would be losing them profit.

    It does sound like some side effects similar to coke though. Know your friends and what they like to do, perhaps they’ve been lacing it and not telling you. You can usually tell, though, as it’s different than smoking regular weed.

  2. 123456 says:

    sounds like you guys are having anxiety attacks which sometimes happens with people who are already on edge and then smoke weed. but thats pretty rare.

    otherwise it might have been laced with something…i dont know what though. you should make sure you’re gettin your shit from reliable sources though. weed usually won’t be laced cuz the dealers don’t make a profit then.

    no offense but people who tend to get anxiety attacks are girls…


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